How To Look Like A Sex Goddess

How To Look Like A Sex Goddess

How To Look Like A Sex Goddess – As a women we spend most of our life trying to look as hot as possible, but in the bedroom we sometime fall short. It can sometimes be hard to look amazing in bed, because we’ve not usually got to many people to compare to, there’s not many actresses that show what they wear in the bedroom and porn will only get you so far. So with that in mind I wanted to teach you how to look like a sex goddess in the bedroom. It’s really easy and as long as you’re open-minded and happy to wear a naughty little number you’ll do grand. – Sharing is caring, if you like this be lovely and share it using the buttons below. – Comment if you’ve got anything to add or say to me. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Look Like A Sex Goddess


#1. Get Some Sexy Underwear That’ll Make You Feel Incredible

Get yourself this underwear, trust me it’s gorgeous. Then get this naughty outfit to wear over it. These two together will look incredible and make your man as lucky as they come. If you’re looking for a way to make your man excited while also making yourself feel sexy then these two items will do the perfect amount of work to you.

Just surprise him with them and see he’s face drop in amazing fashion. You’ll not believe how much he listens to your every move once you’re in these.


#2. Have A Bath, Shave, Wax Or Use An Epilator. Say Good Bye To All Your Hair (Neck Down)

To feel sexy you’ve got to know your body looks good, so make sure you have a close shave (pain in the ass), now if your man likes no hair and you’re happy to give him that it’ll be a great idea to use an epilator over your butt, it’s a pain in the ass literally but it will get rid of any butt fluff you have. It stays away for about 3 weeks and after a few times of using it you’ll find it a lot easier.

I find that when I’m completely shaved I feel more confident and able to enjoy pleasure, I know my man can go anywhere and in doggy style I feel less exposed.


#3. Brush Your Teeth And Make Yourself Smell Good

Make sure you give your teeth a brush and get some nice smells, make sure you pop some deodorant on and then wear what ever prefer you like on yourself. At this point you’ll feel seriously sexy and hopefully a lot more confident in your body.


#4. Grab Some Of This Spray, Men Go Crazy For It

If you want to get something that really drives men crazy then you need to get some of this spray, it’s sent that attracts men, but it makes people love your smell it’s strong and gives off the right vibe get some and see what we mean.


#5. Make Sure You Get Some Massage Oil

There’s nothing more sexy than a massage especially if it’s ‘x’ rated. So pick yourself up some massage oil and be ready to start massaging your way to a very sexy look. Give it a try to see what you think about heating yourself up with a cheeky massage.


#6. Get Some Lube To Make Things More Slippy

Lube makes things slip it’ll also make you taste nice, which should make you feel sexy, there’s not many sexier feelings than controlling your man while he likes your p**sy, I think most women will agree and that’s why I use this flavored lubrication all the time, it doesn’t strain, it’s condom safe, easy to use and fun, so grab yourself some and see what it does for you.


#7. Do Your Make Up, You Need To Feel Good About Yourself

If you’re a make up person then before you see your partner put your favorite make up on , it’ll give you that extra confidence and make you feel amazing about yourself, it really does work well, give it a try.


#8. Get A Little Dressing Gown Or Wear A Skirt/Dress

If you’re going out then wear a dress/skirt, it’s naughty but nice and will give him something to think about all night which is what you want. If you’re in for the night then you can just wear the hot underwear with a dressing gown, it’s seriously worth it you can’t say it isn’t.


#9. Don’t Be Afraid To Warm Yourself Up

Look sometimes men can get the job started and end it, but helping them out a little isn’t always a bad idea, having a little play with yourself before you meet is a really great idea, it’s easy to do and you can just use your fingers for a few minutes, get yourself wet and give your partner even more of a shock for when he see’s you.


#10. Have A Great Nights Sleep The Night Before

Sleep is key, it makes you look great and it also helps you feel good and feel like you’re sexy. So getting a nice nights sleep is a much. You can use a sleep calculator online, just so you can see what sleep works best for you. I do my best to use one most nights, it really does make it easy to get up. It’s a great all round thing to try. Give it a try yourself and see what you think.

How To Look Like A Sex Goddess

How To Look Like A Sex Goddess

How To Look Like A Sex Goddess – Is it your time to be a sex goddess? I think it is! All them outfits really will improve the way you look and feel in the bedroom and that’s why you should try them out. Tell me what you think in the comments below, what are you going to be wearing tonight? – Sharing is caring, so be amazing and share this article loads. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Look Like A Sex Goddess

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