How To Make A Girl Instantly Wet

How To Make A Girl Instantly Wet – It’s a big deal to have the power to make a girl wet within a few minutes of meeting each other and it’s an art that only some people can master. It’s something that isn’t instant and will take some adapting, but as long as you’re happy to learn and want to get this power then you’ll be able to pick it up in no time. It’s not hard to get this orgasmic pattern so lets stop wasting time and get started. – If you find this useful then be sure to share it as much as you think is fair. – Sharing is caring. – Comment below if you want more advice or just a chat. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Make A Girl Instantly Wet


#1. Talk Dirty To Her

Now when I say dirty that doesn’t mean you need to go all crazy on her, no… You’ve just got to take the time to see what makes her tick. For instance, some women like a man who lightly whispers in their hear, telling her about a past memory where you had amazing sex. Other women love a man who tells them exactly what he’s going to do to her and some even like to have their hair pulled back and the rough approach of “I’m going to fuck you” (not many like this method straight off the bat).

See what triggers your partner and then act with it. You need to do whats going to get the biggest result in the end and if that’s being firm and controlling then do it, if it’s being light, gentle and playful then try that. You can usually tell after being with a girl a few times what she enjoys in terms of sex and once you know you can us that as a way to give her amazing dirty talk.


#2. Watch A Naughty Movie

Sometimes you don’t have to be the one that makes her wet, sometimes the movie/scene can. This might seem wrong, but you’ve got to understand that all the movie is doing is creating the mood, it’s making her want you and then you’re doing the next bit. You’ve got to have fun with it and play it out.

So find a naughty movie, something like Fifty Shades of Grey or Secretary. Anything that’s a bit naughty, you can even watch a sex documentary. They usually work really well, give them a try to see what you think.


#3. Touch Everywhere But Her Clit

A great tip is to touch her everywhere but her sweat spot. This really gets women going, just play with her whole body and stimulate her sweet spots, then save that all so sensitive clit right to the end. She’ll be pushing you there after a few minutes.

You’ve got to remember that kissing is powerful and so is touching.


#4. Have A Make Out Session

You need to kiss, kissing is a great way to get a girl wet, it’s not hard and it can be romantic. Most men forget about making out after the first few month of dating, but the power of a good make out session is one that is unmatched, you really need to remember that.


#5. Learn Her Sweet Spots

Have some fun learning where her sweet spots are, all women have sweet spots and your job needs to be learning where they are. Some women enjoy their necks, thighs, lower back, behind ears, find her enjoyable sweet spots and learn how to stimulate them without tickling or irritating her.


#6. Plan The Perfect Moment

It’s not all about what you do at the time you do it, no. It’s sometimes about creating the right mood, sometimes that can be lighting a few candles and having music on, it’s all about creating the right mood, when it comes to sex you need to plan the perfect moment to get the most out of your partner. So de stress then, plan a night of fun, have fun with each other, just chill out and have a nice time.


#7. Do Whatever It Takes

A turn on to most women who’re a little experienced is a man who’ll do what ever it takes to get them off. Start putting in the effort that’s needed. Some women enjoy a man who really tries his best, so don’t be in a rush, communicate, and read her body language if you do this you’ll have a much better chance of succeeding.

#8. Take Full Control

You can take full control of the situation, this doesn’t mean be rough, this just means make the move, create the moment, make her wet, let her relax just take control both in and out of the relationship. You’ll be amazed with the power of this step.


#9. Get This Sex Tip Book (Amazing)

This sex tip book is out of this whole world. It’s perfect for both men and women, but it’ll really teach you how to touch a girl like never before. You really need to give this book a try if you want to up your sex abilities.


#10. Your Fingers Are Your Best Weapon

You can use your fingers to trace her vagina, building her up and making her want you that way. Your fingers are a very easy to use weapon that can be tough very easy, just read the book above and remember to take it really slow at the beginning and avoid the clitoris if you follow them rules you’ll have a much better time of succeeding.

How To Make A Girl Instantly Wet

How To Make A Girl Instantly Wet

How To Make A Girl Instantly Wet – You just have to know how to treat a lady in order to get one wet, so once that happens you’ll be able to turn them on by lightly touching, talking and easily whispering. It’s really that simple and you’re happy to do it you’ll be amazing. – Sharing is caring, so be sure to share as much as you can. – Comment below for more advice or just add your own advice. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Make A Girl Instantly Wet

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