How To Make A Girl Orgasm In 15 Minutes

How To Make A Girl Orgasm In 15 Minutes

How To Make A Girl Orgasm In 15 Minutes – There’s certainly a skill to making a women orgasm and I’m going to show you exactly what that skill is, I’ve been studying sex for the past few years so I thought it was time to make an article that would teach you how to bring a girl to a leg shaking orgasm in 15 minutes, this isn’t just about touching her, this is how you’ve got to warm her up, get her ready and go for the kill, this is all you need to know about giving her a great orgasm. – Sharing is caring, so if you find this useful then please share. – Comment below if you want more advice. – Mr Male Sex Toys blog.

 How To Make A Girl Orgasm In 15 Minutes

Make it all about her

She needs to know it’s all about her in every single way, once she know’s that you’ll have a much easier time making her feel good and then she’ll let you do what you need to do. Women hate thinking a man is bored, so if she things you’re bored then she’s not going to want to cum. You need to let her know it’s about her and let her know that it doesn’t matter if she has an orgasm or not, it’s still just as fun for you.

If she understands that then it will make your life a whole lot easier, keep focused and making it all about her.


Focus on making her orgasm

You need something to focus on and making her orgasm is probably one of you best bets, just put your energy all into that. If you’re thinking about work, stress, food, drink, anything other than making her orgasm then it’s going to be harder, you need to focus on what’s going on and make sure you’ve got nothing else in your head, all your concentration needs to be pointing to this one thing.


Warm up

She needs to be warmed up, trust me when I say your life will be easier if she’s warmed up, if she’s not ready then you’ll see how much harder it is.

You need to take the time to go around her body and tease her, build her up, then give it to her. You’ve only got 15 minutes so you need to be quick about this process, you can always build it up throughout the day for the best results.


Use your hands gently 

Your hands are a big part of the pleasure, learning to use your hands properly is always going to help you get her where you want her, so make sure you use your hands and take the time that’s needed to pleasure her.

While using your hands make sure you focus on her clit, be gentle and keep the speed, make sure your nails are cut and haven’t got anything sticking out, this will hurt her and give you a lot less chance of pleasing her.


Use your mouth if you think she’ll enjoy

If she likes oral sex then you need to get down there and give it to her, this will up the chances of her having an orgasm. With oral sex you need to be really gentle and try loads of different things.

First you can mix it up by using a mint, this will really help you get her to orgasm, flavoured lube also plays a big part, use your fingers gently while giving oral sex, don’t let it distract from the oral at all. A dark room sometimes takes away some of the pleasure to look good while doing it.


It’s all about the rhythm

You need to keep the speed coming, don’t slow down or speed up, try staying the same speed for a few minutes and only change it once you feel she’s getting worked up and needs a little extra, you shouldn’t never go from zero to speed, just build it up.


Adding it all together

You now need to add all of this together and layer it so you can complete it in 15 minutes. I’d start by trying to do it in 20 minutes, then 18 and then 15, that way there’s a challenge and it will get harder as you go on, but you’ll get a lot better so it’s all worth it in the end, just make sure you put in the effort and really try to make her have an intense orgasm.


How To Make A Girl Orgasm In 15 Minutes

How To Make A Girl Orgasm In 15 Minutes



How To Make A Girl Orgasm In 15 Minutes – You ready to start being a sex god? Just follow what I told you there and you’ll be able to blow any woman’s mind in a matter of 15 minutes, probably quicker if you practice it a little more. – Sharing is caring so please remember to share as much as you feel like. – Comments are welcome and I love hearing what you’ve got to say, so please use them. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

How To Make A Girl Orgasm In 15 Minutes

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