How to make a girl wet

How to make a girl wet.

How to make a girl wet. – WAnt to make your partner turned on really quickly? Well we’re going to teach you tips on how to make her get wet in a matter of seconds. These tips will help turn on girls and make sex much more excited and fun. Remember to read them well and practice and never go on straight away for sex always warm up with a few of these tips. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.  Why man want anal sex so much

 Where to start:

Kissing, whether you’re old or young you’ve got to remember the kissing and remember to make it as sexual as possible, just grab her kiss her, touch her neck and be gentle but firm, this is the quickest way to get a girl wet and if done right can make the whole process run a lot quicker.

After kissing is out the way you need to start with your hands (pleasure makers) just start to move down with your hands and ignore her vagina, don’t be to keen as she won’t be wet enough for that yet so start by doing little patterns up and down her leg and keep getting closer to her vagina and then pulling off and just start traveling down her thigh again, do this for a few minutes then move onto the next step. – How to make a girl wet.


If you’ve done the above then it’s time for the next moment, there’s two ways you can go:


If you choose boobs then you can either start lightly doing circles around them with your finger tips and then see how she reacts some girls like it gentle some girls like it firm. If that doesn’t work then try kissing then gently and running your tongue around her nipple then just going in and sucking it, remember to be gentle and build up is everything.

Tip: All girls are different and some don’t like nipple stimulation. – How to make a girl wet.


 You can skip the step above if you think she’s getting a bit heated, now you need to ignore the clit. You can do this above clothes and without, start with then do it without. just lightly brush your fingers over her vagina and run them up and down her lips adding a little more pressure each tip, this should start stimulating her.

Without clothes.

do the same but run up and down her lips inside and do an upside down v shape a few tips, keep it slow and be gentle. then lightly start brushing over her clitoris and every now and then do a tickle motion really gently over it, it will make her go crazy and by now she’ll be so wet and ready for you.

This will work every time you’ll have to switch it up and try different moves and maybe do it a little more rough or a little more soft and passionate, you’ve just got to always go to what her body language is telling you, and remember to kiss all her body, we’ve got some tips on how to mix it up and keep you always winning below. – How to make a girl wet.

Tips for making her wet.

Changing it up.

You’ve got to change it up a little each time, what works today might not work tomorrow and that’s sometimes the reason for lack or orgasms during sex.


Learn some kissing techniques to help make her wet, learn to gently bit and to kiss with the lips while you kiss her body. It’s not hard and there’s loads of ways to spice kissing up, but there’s nothing like a make out session before sex no matter how long you’ve been together.


IT’s a great way to get her wet if done right, look at some tips and tricks and you’ll be making her horney in seconds, rememever though it all starts with a back massage and slowly turns into more.

Don’t rush.

Girls like a man who lasts and make things more deep and meaningful, there’s a time and place for a quickie and if you’re trying to make her orgasm then you need to take your time and make her not feel any pressure. You know when a girl is getting tired of giving you a blowjob or a handjob and all of a sudden you find it impossible to cum? Well that happens if you seem like you’re not enjoying it.

This is just our advice and we will be doing more articles on this soon so be ready to be a sex god and really get them results in bed. – How to make a girl wet.

How to make a girl wet

How to make a girl wet

That Was How to make a girl wet. – This is some of the advice we have to give and it hopefully helped you out and helps you give a girl an orgasm or at least have hot intense sex. Remember being confident and leading is always a turn on for girls and is a sure winner. Be slow and you’ll win her over. Comment your advice or ask and we will help you either way have a lovely day and I hope this helped you out. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How to make a girl wet.

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