How To Make Anal Sex More Fun

How To Make Anal Sex More Fun

How To Make Anal Sex More Fun – Are you starting to get a little board of anal sex? Or maybe you´re about to try it and want to know how to make it more fun for the both of you? Either way this is going to let you into the fun world of anal sex, it´s how you can spice things up and just make it more interesting and really get into the fun that is anal play. There´s loads of ways you can make anal sex more fun so make sure you write some of this down and give it a try when you get some time. – Sharing is amazing, so be an amazing person and share as much as you can. It just makes it worth doing if I can see you enjoy it. So comment and share, if you want to make me happy. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Make Anal Sex More Fun

Butt plugs for everyone; treat each other to a new butt plug

Butt plugs are and will always be a great way to make anal sex better, if you´re completely new or an expert in anal sex you still need to try butt plugs.
They´re a great way to start anal play and they´re a great way to make it even more fun.

Both men and women can use them and it´s a great way to make normal sex fu, you just pop oe in and start having sex and it will feel like double penetration, this is common and is a great way to reach a very blissful orgasm.
Butt plugs can also be used in loads of different ways, you can get vibrating ones and you can even use then as a way to get ready for anal play, leave them in 10 minutes before you have sex and just watch TV, this will be amazing.


Don´t forget the anal lube

Anal lube make anal sex better, I’m sorry but spit is a good enough lube when it comes to anal sex so don’t try to make it work that way. Get some anal lube like that and make sure you apply loads of it, this will make the sex more intense and more enjoyable.
You can pick the anal lube up there for the best price and it´s one of the best brands I’ve ever used.


Get horny and really let your partner explore

Don´t touch each other for a week or so and then really have some hot sex, build each other up and let your partner really explore, this will make the sex so much more interesting and fun and it really takes no effort. You can let your partner explore with ease as long as you´re horny.
This will make the real anal sex a lot more fun too, I always find I enjoy anal sex when I’m really horny.


Get in the shower and let his hands roam all around you

You can always get in the shower and let him explore your body, this is a great way of get your partner to let you explore.
It´s clean and really fun, you can explore with no problems and it will really make it a lot of fun.
Just make sure you focus on all types of sex before you go for anal play, that way it will make it more fun.


Build up the anal sex and then finally try it

You need to get that anal sex happening and really to get it happening in the best possible way you need to build it up. I always recommend letting your partner play with the outside of your butt and not letting them go in, make it really lubed up but just don´t let them really have anal sex, this way you´ll build it up and get pleasure.
The finally after about 10 minutes let them slip a singer in and be really slow and gentle, then let the slip two and then finally the penis, this way you´ll get a build up and get to enjoy it all.


Be dominant and submissive

Be a dominant person and put your partner where you want them, or be the opposite and let them do that to you, this is a lot of fun and a bit of BDSM never hurt anyone so make sure you give it a try to just enjoy the pleasure. This will help you out and it will make sex a lot more fun.
Give it a try to see what happens.


Start with a massage, then light spanking, the anal play

Start with a nice massage, then let more happen, then do some more and then finally end it off with the anal play. Spanking is exciting so introduce it before anal sex.


Start with double penetration in a soft mode

Let your finger go up inside while having sex, this will give a great double penetration feel that will give her crazy. It’s great for answering fantasies and that´s why you should give it a try. I’ve used things like this loads of times to give my partner going wow.

Try anal sex toys in new ways

You can always get a new anal sex toy that’s a little different to your normal ones, it´s a great way to have extra pleasure and it always works out really well, trust me when I say anal sex toys are out of this world.


How To Make Anal Sex More Fun

How To Make Anal Sex More Fun


How To Make Anal Sex More Fun – Say goodbye to boring anal sex and hello to the new anal sex that you´ll be having. It´s really worth investing into fun anal sex, it´s a whole new type of pleasure that both of you can unlock which is a lot of fun and definitely worth doing/trying. – Comments are below, make sure you tell me if you enjoyed this article and if you want more then just ask. – Sharing is caring so make sure you hit them share buttons. . Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Make Anal Sex More Fun

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