How To Make Cash With Your Penis

How To Make Cash With Your Penis

How To Make Cash With Your Penis – Did you know that you can make money with your penis? Yes it’s true, it’s easier than ever to start earning cash with your penis, it’s risky and it’s not always the best option, but I’m going to teach you how you can easiely turn your penis into a money making machine. This will change your life and not always for the best, first things first be ready for people to treat you a little differently, it’s going to happy and there’s nothing you can do about it. – If this teaches you how to make money then please hit the share buttons, it really does help us out. – Comment below if you want more advice. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Make Cash With Your Penis

Make a website about your penis

Okay so first start with something that will probably make it hard for your parents to look you in the eyes. You need to get lots of friends on Facebook, twitter and tumblr make it so people know who you are and then create a little website, have a picture of you completely naked and make it so people can only see it if they pay $5, you can use wordpress and get some amazing plugin so people can’t copy the picture and put it in other places, if you publish that this ihas happend and you have 5 thousand plus followers in all you social accounts you can earn up to 25 thousand dollars off one pictures, chances are you’ll most likely make around a few thousand, but if you create a press release using PRWeb and advertise the story of how you sold out, you’ll probably get your 5 seconds of fame and some more money along with that too.


Grow a big social gathering and then go live on cam

You can do a sex cam and get paid for it, usually its for a gay network and you get paid more money the more people who view it, if you make it private and make it so people have to pay to watch, just get followers on social media networks and do it this way. It’s similar to the method above, but you’ll get more money and can even work for a company who promotes you and pays you a paycheck.  Or you can just set up a quick website and do it yourself and just charge people to see.


Become a pornstar

Becoming a pornstar isn’t as hard or as fun as it may seem, the porn industry is fun on the outside, but in all honesty it’s really hard work and takes a person who can disconnect with their emotions to do it, lots of people get their heart broke and it will leave you wondering where your morals are. On the other hand it’s a really great way to earn a 6-figure salary every year, it’s just the way it works and it will continue to be like that for ever, just make sure that you’re ready to have to get an erection on cue and just like every industry, you’ll have to work your way up, from bottom to the top.

Test sex toys

If you go and try new sex toys you can get paid a lot of money to review them, this involves going to companies that sell the sex toys in the first place and sending them a message asking them if they need a tester, you’ll usually have to do it for free at first and then after a while of doing it you’ll be able to start earning money from it.


Review products

We used to pay people to review products and there’s lots of sites who will still pay people to review products, if you want to get into this then go and speak with some of the leading sex toy shops and even start your own blog up, this will help you get your reviews out there, you’ve all got to start somewhere.


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How To Make Cash With Your Penis – It worked, I told you, you could make money with your penis, it’s not even hard, you’ve just got to think outside the box, this will work better if you’re quite hung and that’s why I recommend trying it out for the more confident men. – If you want to show us that you enjoyed the article then be sure to hit the share buttons. – Comment below and tell me exactly what you think. – Mr Male Sex Toys.

How To Make Cash With Your Penis

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