How To Make Friends With Benefits Work

How To Make Friends With Benefits Work

How To Make Friends With Benefits Work

It seems to be a very popular thing to try lately and with more people doing it we thought it was about time we answered some questions on it. Now before we start this I will say that I personally think it’s a silly idea to try friends with benefits as it just ends up with one of you getting hurt or wanting more, there’s a few ways to stop it and even with these ways it’s still going to be hard for you. – Hit the share button so you can share this advice. – Comment if you’ve got anything to add to this post ir if you need any help. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

 How To Make Friends With Benefits Work

Time you spend together

The hardest thing when trying friends with benefits is that you’re just in a relationship that’s open, that’s all it really is. Now some people think this can work and it can for the people who don’t get jealous and like to have more than one partner. Finding 2 people like that and then working out this scenario is going to be even harder.

You need to not spend as much time together, lay groundwork and then just meet for sex, it will be harder to fall for someone if all you’re doing is having sex and cuddling, I mean you will feel lust but you’ll be able to pull out of that as you spend time apart. So really you have to skip the friends part to get the benefits. – How To Make Friends With Benefits Work.


Before you start a relationship like this you need to make sure that sex is the priority, some people mix up lack of sex with lack of human connection and then end up preferring the company, which you may as well be in a relationship. So before this starts you need to make sure that you just want sex, nothing else. You need to tell the person you’re doing it with that and make sure that they really feel the same, if they make a joke out of it and don’t really answer then you’re going to have a hard time working this out.

The hardest thing you’re going to come across is sex, once you have sex 3/4 times you’ll start having a little connection, sex does that. Once that happens then everything will start to change. You may think that you’re not like everyone else but your body cont control the way it feels and wants. – This is How To Make Friends With Benefits Work hope you’re enjoying.

Nights in

 I’d say love and miss are made on them nights in where you’ve got popcorn and a movie, maybe even some pizza. This is what you must avoid, it will just get messy if you do things like this. As soon as you do stuff like this you’ll start to fall and even if you don’t they will.

And lets say you can stay friends after you stop having sex, you have to think of it realistically. You’ll end up having sex once or twice more and lets face it, if you got a partner then likely they wouldn’t want you hanging around with someone who you had this with, so think realistically and try to keep the friend part out.

Getting with someone

Okay you need to ask yourself this right now, can you get with someone and it be okay? These two types of friends with benefits, one is where you can sleep without people and look for a relationship and the other is where you think you can but it would end in a fight.

Make sure that you know which one you’re in before you go out and have sex, this is key and you need to make sure the person understands what you’re doing, sometimes you’ll even have to test it and see what happens, this will make you understand what you’re in.

Explaining the rules

HAving some rules on what’s allowed and what’s not is a great way to make this work, you need to be able to know what you can do and where this is going. Sometimes people like to jump into stuff without a plan, this doesn’t work as you’ll both just be sat there not know where you stand and not wanting to ask making sure you know where you stand is key to being strong and be able to all the shots.

So have some rules, what you can do in bed with each other, what you can do with other people, which friends are off-limits (you need to follow this one) What we’re both looking for, all that good stuff.


Always wear or make him wear a condom, if there’s other sex happening then the last thing you want is to catch a nasty STD or any STD for that matter, this is bad and can cause a lot of problems, just wrap it before you tap it and you’ll be fine.

Think how you would see if you saw her/him with a partner

Okay this is a game I play with people, you need to know how you’d feel if you saw them having sex with someone else? Would you mind? Most people do friends with benefits as a way to get close to someone they already have a crush on or love, so you need to ask yourself how you’d feel if they had sex with someone else.


Texting will build up to much of a bound, you’ll need to make it as limited as possible and just do it when you see 100% necessary.

How To Make Friends With Benefits Work – See it can work but it’s not going to be easy. It does take time to pull of something like this and it’s not going to work as well as you think, it’s like having a relationship but not falling in love, that’s the one thing that you have no control over. So it can be playing with fire doing this. – Comment below if you want any advice or need any help – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Make Friends With Benefits Work

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