How To Make Gay Anal Sex Better

How To Make Gay Anal Sex Better

How To Make Gay Anal Sex Better – We’ve done sex tips, we’ve also done beginner anal sex advice, now it´s time to show you how to make all anal sex a lot more fun. This article is just for gay men who want to spice up their anal sex and maybe a get a little closer with their partner sexually. So if you want to make sex more fun and maybe higher your sex drivers then this article will be ideal for you. These are just the things that ´ve done over the years to make anal sex more fun, I´m going to focus on anal sex and some of this stuff will get a little naughty so it´s better if you´re in a close relationship. – Comment if you´ve got anything to add to this post and if you want any more advice or tips then just ask. Remember to share if you find it useful. – Mr Male Sex Toys blog.

How To Make Gay Anal Sex Better

Somewhere new

It´s always exciting to have sex somewhere new and differen. When I want to spice things up a little bitI always try to have sex in a naughty place with a little risk, it´s really hot and it helps me and my partner get that excitement and naughtiness into it.
Some of the best places tat I´ve had sex I´ll talk about below.



Cars are amazing, it´s a little hard but it´s worth it, if you´ve got a car then just drive to a quite beach or the woods and find somewhere you can just be alone, just start the sex and I usually try it in the back seat just laying or sitting on my partners lap while he thrusts in the back seat.
This depends what car you´ve got and it will help if you´ve got blacked out windows and a big back seat space. – How To Make Gay Anal Sex Better.


Room in house

I also just change rooms, move to the kitchen and have a little fun or even the living room, it´s all a lot of fun and it´s nice doing it anywhere that´s a little different in my opinion.



If you go to the beach or on a nice walk somewhere really private then this is a really naughty way to get things started and it´s a great way to start having more spicy sex. This is something that I recommend for new couples looking to try something a little more sourcy. Remember to be careful as it´s illegal to be outside having sex, so I´m not saying do it, I´m just saying it´s an option.



Hotel room sex is always great, you can be extra loud and there´s no one there who really cares, get a sound proof room and go nuts do it in all the rooms you get and try it as much as you can. It´s all a lot of fun and it´s something different that will spice things up.



Changing lubricant can sometimes be fun, I went from using a basic lube which I just had from last year to using the Maximus Anal Lubricante such a big difference it was changing. It made the sex more exciting and it really added something new to make sex life. It´s something that I highly recommend trying.



Sex toys are a really fun way to make stuff more exciting, it´s always good and you can always have a good play with something new when you get bored. – How To Make Gay Anal Sex Better.


Prostate massager

Prostate massagers are my favourite and if you go to this anal sex toy shop you can have a look at loads of different ones. they’ve got a great collection that you won´t be able to turn down.
It really is great fun and it´s a good idea if you want to spice up your sex life.


Cock rings

If you want a harder penis then you could always invest in a cock ring, I think they´re great value and really worth investing in.



Shower sex anybody? I love a little shower sex and there´s nothing better than a bit of shower sex in the morning, try jumping in the shower with your partner and seeing how much fun you can have.


Penis extension

If you want a different feel and want to do something a little more naughty you could always try a penis extension, all you do is put it on yours or your partners penis and then when you have sex it will make your penis a lot bigger and feel likes someone else. Great for fantasies.


Handcuffs, blindfold and whips

You can always try a little bondage, it´s not really anal sex but it will make anal sex more fun if you´ve got a pair of handcuffs to go with it.


Take turns being in control

You could always take turns being in control and see who´s better at it. One day you be the person who takes control and does a lot of work and tells the other what they want and how to do it, then the next day you switch roles and do it the other way.


Take turns trying to make each other cum

This is fun, twice a week take turns to make the other cum. Just make the night all about them and let them have whatever they want, if they want silence and a blowjob give them that, if they want anal sex and porn do it, and then just get what you want on your turn.


Sex games

Sex games are a lot of fun and you can pick them up everywhere one of my favourite sex toy games is here, it´s great for spicing up gay sex.
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How To Make gay Anal Sex Better – Did this give you any ideas, what works for me might not work for you but I´m sure it can give you an idea of what´s hot and what´s not. I find sexual favours are always a good way to make sex more interesting so it´s a great idea to give them a try. You can´t go far wrong with owing your partner a blowjob and living up to it. – Remember to use the comments below to add your opinion. Sharing is caring so please remember to share. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Make gay Anal Sex Better

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