How To Make Her Text You Back

How To Make Her Text You Back

How To Make Her Text You Back – One of the longest times you´ll have to wait while meeting a girl is waiting for tat text back or for her to text you first, this sometimes takes ages and usually ends up with people not knowing if you´re playing games or not. Today I´ve decided to teach you men how to play dirty and get her to text you back, this is a sure fire thing and it will get you noticed, now I´m not saying that it´s the right thing to do, or am I recommending it, I´m just going to teach you how to play hard to get a little better. – So if you find this useful then please remember to share it as much as possible. – Comment if you´ve got anything to add and if you need any help then you can always ask. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Make Her Text You Back

Don´t answer right away

When you first get a girls number you never want to be the first one to text if you can help it. Waiting a day or two is always the smart approach and even if she texts you then still wait another day to reply, you really don´t want to jump at it just because it will ruin your chances and it won´t make you as hard to get.
Women really do like a challenge so don´t make the challenge to easy, I usually recommend waiting a total of 3 days before you text her and if she texts you on the second day then still wait till the third day to answer.
This is how to get some power and not seem to needy.


Ignore kisses and affection

If you get a text like this “Had an amazing time last night, want to meet again? Xxxxxx” that means you´re in there and how you should answer is: “Course, when would you like to meet?” This will make your kisses worth more and something that she seeks to get. – How To Make Her Text You Back.


Be casual

Don´t ask her out or start trying to get a date instantly, this isn´t ever cool, what you want to do is just take your time and be as normal as possible.
Also don´t confess your dying love, you´re better off saving that for in person, on text it can be held as proof and can also get miss read and understood wrong.


Try and meet them again just after you text

You don´t really want to keep things on chat, it helps to get more ivolved with in real life. If you text 100 times and don´t meet then you´ll start finding it hard to meet and you´ll find that when you meet the person none of the stuff you´ve talked about in text will come up.
So just try and arrange a time to meet and then only text 5ish times just to make sure its all going good and maybe to get a little more information about her.


Don´t be too keen

There´s a saying “Treat them mean, keep them keen” although I don´t agree with it, it does have a defionit truth. Now it doesn´t mean, be really mean, it just means don´t always do what they want you to and sometimes just think about yourself.
Live your life for you and do the things you want to do, otherwise you´ll soon find out that you´re living somebody else´s dream. – This is how to make her text back.


Take control

You always want to take control, I find that all women love it when I man takes control, so if you show that you take control even over text it will get you some serious power points.


Be busy

You don´t want to be too free, if you´ve got nothing going on then that might seem like added pressure, you need to be a little busy and maybe not meet at one seconds notice.
You do need to stick to your words but just seem like you´ve got more going on, so maybe if she asks you to meet say you´re busy that day and then ask if she wants to meet up the day after.


Ignore any games they´re playing

Even though you´re playing a game yourself you will have to ignore any games that she´s playing, this way it wills you getting to involved.
If she starts playing games and you play a better game then she´ll fall for you seriously hard, so make sure you´re careful and remember not to fall at the first hurdle. – How To Make Her Text You Back.


Say a little but make it mean a lot

It sometimes will do you better to not answer every 5 seconds but to just answer with a few lines of text that really mean something. If she asks you how you are then you can answer, but if all you´re going to say is “Good, how are you?” then it´s really not worth a message.



Just a few tips to help you get even further.


Be close after a few days

You don´t want to be so held back forever, just be like it while you´re getting her to meet the first time. This way she´ll already start liking you.


Don´t rush, take it as slow as possible

If you want a girl to like you then you´ve got to take it slow, you want her to want to speed it up, so make sure you take it slow and let her do the work when it comes to getting closer.


Don´t break trust

A really big bit of advice is never to break trust, you never, ever want to break any trust, it´s just a silly idea and it just won´t work. Keep trust strong and if you make a promise do your best to keep it.

How To Make Her Text You Back

How To Make Her Text You Back


How To Make Her Text You Back – It´s all about timing and waiting it out. You might even be the first to text back but you´ll be the one in control which is usually what you´ll need, this might not work every single time but it will work a lot and you´ll be able to use it in loads of different ways. Remember I´m not recommending this I´m just telling you because it´s my job to show you how to do these things. – Comment if you want more advice. – Remember to hit the share buttons. Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Make Her Text You Back

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