How to make masturbation fun again

How to make masturbation fun again




How to make


fun again.

How to make masturbation fun again. – Sometimes you reach an age where masturbation just becomes a little bit same old again and can get a little boring. I think most guys hit that at about 20 to 30 and just stop seeing the point. It goes from 2 a week to one every now and then. So today we’re here to help you put the excitement back into masturbating and make it more pleasurable and fun for you. If you follow this you’ll be having more exciting solo time instantly. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

How to make masturbation fun again

 Changing things up. 

If you’re bored it might be because you just do the same too much, the questions you need to ask is do you watch porn? Do you watch it enough or too much? Both of these can be bad. Too much porn makes it harder to get aroused at normal things and not enough makes it hard to masturbate because your memory will be hazy. So what you need to do is go and watch some porn maybe once a week to keep you having material in your wank bank. after you do that then you just need to work on spicing it all up. – How to make masturbation fun again.


Changing the room.

Sometimes if you do it in the same room all the time it takes the thrill out maybe try it in the bathroom to mix it up.

Think more sexy thoughts when you’re out and about.

If you think of hot women and something naughty when you’re out it will make you want to rush back and do something, even if this is just getting your sex drive up it’s all part of getting masturbation feeling good.

How to make masturbation fun again


The best and quickest way to make masturbation feel great again is with sex toys, I once went through a stage a few years ago and the way I got out of it was introducing a male masturbator and a few toys to my collection. You’ve got to be open-minded and be excited to try one. I recommend trying this. – How to make masturbation fun again.

 Step 1. 

Get a male masturbator.

I recommend the Tracey Cox Supersex Supertight Stroker. It’s the best out there and isn’t to expensive. If you want something cheaper that works as good there’s also the Tracey Cox Supersex Stroker which is over half the price cheaper. Both of these will make masturbation feel so incredible and it will bring you back to them first wank days.

Step 2. 

Get some lube.

These male masturbators come with a crazy amount of different lubes this one is the best but there is others out there. It’s just what I use: Give Lube Lubetube Premium Aqua Gel Lubricant 100ml.
This is a must and will make it so much more realistic.

Step 3. 

Don’t touch yourself. 

Try not to do anything sexual for about a week 5 to 7 days and every day be thinking sexual thoughts you’ve got to stay strong and wait though. Do this for 5 to 7 days while you wait for your toy to come.

Step 4.


Okay so once you’ve done all and are building yourself up you need to find an amazing porno but don’t wank to it just get it ready for the time your male masturbator is there and your 5 to 7 days are up. So now once that’s all done it’s time for step 5.

Step 5. 

Then night. 

You need to have your toy, lube, movie and time to yourself. Once you start don’t let yourself finish and just keep building up and building up. One it will feel amazing because it will be just like having sex with the girl you’re watching and two orgasms with male msaturbators are so much more intense.

All of that should fix you and make for a very intense and pleasurable experience if not then this is the next step. – How to make masturbation fun again.

How to make masturbation fun again


This is something nearly all men go their whole life without finding and seeing although we’re the more sexual aroused species you’d think it wouldn’t be that way, well if you’ve got an open mind and want to try something that will beat male masturbation than prostate massagers are the next step. It’s the only orgasm where men can have multiple ones and it’s the whole body not the penis. – How to make masturbation fun again.

Step 1. 

Buy a prostate massager.

The best you can get is the Nexus Revo 2, it’s our number one toy and the best on the market you’ll never feel pleasure like it ever! If it’s a little to costly for you then you can try the Dr Joel Kaplan Power Probe Vibrating Prostate Massager both of these toys will do you amazingly.

Step 2. 

Get the lubrication just like above.

The best lube I’ve used has been Maximus Anal Lubricant 250ml as it works the best and is really cheap also comes even cheaper if you get the little bottle, but for people who’re just trying it you might want desensitizing so it feels even better and won’t hurt one bit. So try the Doc Johnson Rear Entry Desensitising Anal Lube 96g as it will make it a whole lot better for beginners.

Well now you’ve got all that sorted just have a night in and be ready for the best pleasure known to man. Don’t be worried about it and you’ve got to be open-minded and just enjoy these things sometimes.

How to make masturbation fun again

How to make masturbation fun again. – The perfect way to add some spice back to solo play. If you liked that you should love our other blog posts that will help you find more tips and tricks about everything. Remember to share and help us out. – If you need any more help or want any advice just as us as we love to help out. The comments are below. – Mr Male Sex toy Blog.

How to make masturbation fun again.

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