How To Make Oral Sex Great

How To Make Oral Sex Great

How To Make Oral Sex Great – Do you want to make oral sex a little more fun? I get this a lot and most the time it’s from men saying that they never get blowjobs anymore or it’s from women saying he goes down, but never puts any real effort in. Well to stop this from happening to you  I’m going to show you how to make oral sex great again within a few simple steps, this article is for both men and women so you can read along and try to learn as much as possible. – Sharing is caring so if you want to help us out then remember to hit the share buttons. – We also love to see you people commenting so please be sure to add your comments below. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Make Oral Sex Great

Take your time

For great oral sex you need to take your time, you don’t want to rush things and ruin it, if you’re thinking about it being over before it’s started then it’s not going to be intense or even fun, it’s more of a choir and your partner will know that’s the way you feel about it.

Taking your time to enjoy it, remember it’s not a race and just try to do everything perfectly instead of rushing it, if you rush then it won’t go well. Remember to keep over stuff off your mind and think heavily about the next tip.



You need to be focused, stay on the ball, you really don’t want to be thinking about, work, stress, tasks, jobs, anything that isn’t the oral sex, if you keep thinking about other stuff then the oral sex will start to suck, so get all that out of your mind and you’ll be much more dedicated, the oral sex needs 100% of your brain, no less so make sure you give it that.

This might sound silly as it is just oral sex, but when you put more effort into small things like this you’ll start seeing the power of it all.


Try some flavoured lubrication

Flavoured lube is a god send, if you want to make your oral sex better you can’t go wrong with flavoured lube, there’s loads to choose from, I use this one, it’s just the best and really gets the job done. It tasts so much better and it actually makes me look forward to giving oral sex, this works for both boys and girls and once you try it out you’ll see what I mean, it’s a real life saver once you try it out.


Get a blowjob kit

I’ve had ago with this blowjob kit a few times now and every time I use it, it amazes me, it’s out of the world, you can really have the best blowjob of your life, if you’ve got a nice partner then just let her use it on you and see how great it feels, it comes with mints, lube, tips and a vibrating cock ring, it’s out of this world and it will make the blowjob so much more fun.

The mints are really tasty so she’ll most likely really enjoy them and it will make blowjobs more regular.


Eat fruit (maybe it’s a myth)

If you eat pineapple it makes it taste nicer, this isn’t clear but I believe it works, anything fruity and sweet seems to have an effect on the way I taste and I definitely saw a massive difference with my partner, try it out, eat or drink some pineapple every day for about a week and then have oral sex, you’ll be able to see the difference, it’s a fun little challenge for both of you to try out, I think it’s worth doing.


Have a shower before

Have a shower before, maybe together, this is another great way to get oral sex started, you’ll both be lovely and clean which will make the oral sex a lot more fun and easy on both of you. Most people don’t have oral sex loads because of smell or dirt so make sure you’re all clean down there and you’ll be able to make oral sex happen a lot more.


69 is always a great place to start. 

Tonight is the night you 69, a 69 is amazing and can be a lovely intimate sex position, you just need to both give, if you both give and learn to still concentrate on your orgasm then you’ll be able to have amazing sex, you should really try it out. Just get some flavoured lube and try a 69, make it a race to see who can make the other orgasm first, it makes it more exciting, I really think you should give it a go.


Try a sex toys

Sex toys are amazing, I like saying amazing but honestly sex toys will blow your mind, using something like this while giving your partner oral sex is always going to lead to a lot of added pleasure, give it a try and hopefully you’re see what I mean.

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How To Make Oral Sex Great – It’s not impossible to make oral sex great again, you just need to remember to add a little more effort into it, if you do that then you’ll see a massive change in what you feel towards each other, this is something that I can’t explain, you’ll just have to start with some of the basic tips and work your way up, good oral sex is amazing so I really recommend you study this article. – If you found this useful in any way, please remember to share it as much as possible, I love to see it being shared. – Comment below for more advice on oral sex. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Make Oral Sex Great

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