How To Make Oral Sex More Intense In 10 Minutes

How To Make Oral Sex More Intense In 10 Minutes – Want to see the power of good oral sex? Well I´ve got some of the best ways to make oral sex a lot more interesting and intense, these oral sex tips will help you have better more fun oral sex within 10 minutes. So if you´re getting ready for a nice romantic weekend or just want a little fun then this really is the best way to go about doing it, you´ll be really surprised at how much fun you can achieve with some good oral sex. In this article I´m just going to teach you some of the best ways to get your partner to cum and how to be the best she´s ever had. – If you find this information useful then please comment below and if you want to help us then please share as much as you can. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Make Oral Sex More Intense In 10 Minutes


Forget the vagina for a second

Believe it or not but good oral sex doesn´t start with the vagina, good oral sex start with her body. You need to start by getting some blood to her sweet spots, to do that you need to kiss her inner thighs, above her pussy, around her lips, everywhere but her vagina.
Make sure she knows you´re doing it on perpose and take your time, don´t rush or get ahead of yourself.
It´s all about building her up at this point. You can touch her boobs and kiss her neck just to get her excited. You want her really wet, that way you´ll not have to worry so much about doing a bad job.


Use flavoured lube

A nice flavoured lube is always a great way to add more pleasure to oral sex, you´re more likely to enjoy giving her oral sex while using flavoured lube and it will also make the clit a little less sensitive, this makes it easier for you to stimulate and means that even if you go really quick you´ll still do amazing and leave her moaning with pleasure.


Use a vibrating tongue ring

A great way to spice up oral sex is to get yourself one of thes vibrating tongue rights. You just put them on your tongue and then when you give oral sex it will be so much more intense, it´s really fun and it´s seriously pleasurable.
She can also use them on your penis once you want to mix things up a little. This is a great way to add some more fun to sex.


Use a vibrator

Using a vibrator will really make sex a lot more fun, you can just use it while giving oral sex and she´ll be in heaven. I usually go for a vibrator like this. It just so you can give her stimulation and not worry to much about it taking the fun out of the oral sex.
You can use a dildo too, sometimes I recommend this more just because it´s a lot more fun to do.


Ice and mints

A really clever little tip that has saved me a lot of times is to use either a cube of ice in your mouth, this will make her vagina tingle and will add a little more intensety to the oral sex.
If you want something even better then get yourself some fishermens friends, they´re a mint, very strong mint and if you give your partner oral sex while using them, they´ll go crazy and find it a lot easier to climax, they´re really good to use and perfect for them days where you´re not on your full game.


Slowly use your finger

You can always slowly use your fingers, this is a great way to get her making noise, some girls love it when you´re quick with your hands and oral sex but I would say that most like you to be really slow and just focus on the oral sex itself.
So maybe have a finger resting there and then every now and then speed up and see if they enjoy it.


Stay in-control

Keep your hands free and make sure you keep in-control, this is sexy for most women and they love to see someone who really gets into it, it´s just something that they enjoy.
Make sure you stay in-control and let her know you are, this is just a little naughty extra to add to your oral sex.


Every now and then kiss

Some girls find it sexy if you come up and give them a kiss every now and then, it makes them feel naughty that they´re trying themselves so it´s worth trying.
This isn´t something that you should do if she´s about to cum, this will annoy her and then make you have to start again.
Touch her body with your hands
If your hands are free then use them to touch other parts of her body, you can always feet her ribs or boobs and just add a little more stimulation to the pleasure.


Big tongue

When you first start giving her oral sex, it´s always a good idea to start with a big tongue, and do dog licks, but a bit slower and gentler. This will make her wet and then after that you can point your tongue a little more and use it quicker. This is just something that you need to keep in mind while you start giving her oral sex.

How To Make Oral Sex More Intense In 10 Minutes

How To Make Oral Sex More Intense In 10 Minutes

How To Make Oral Sex More Intense In 10 Minutes – So that took you 10 minutes and hopefully you feel ready to enjoy some intense oral sex? If not then you´ve read it wrong and you need to re-read. These tips are some of the best out there and you´ll be surprised with how amazing they can make your sex life. – Remember to share by hitting the share buttons below and if you want to learn more then just comment below. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Make Oral Sex More Intense In 10 Minutes

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