How To Make Penetration More Sexually Stimulating

How To Make Penetration More Sexually Stimulating

How To Make Penetration More Sexually Stimulating – Penetration is very rarely the best part of sex, but sometimes it sneaks up and is a truly orgasmic experience. I’m going to take sometime and show you exactly how to have amazing, orgasmic sexual stimulation that you won’t be able to forget. I’m going to show you how penetration really can change your sex life for the better and can make things so much more intense. In this article will talk about the positions, sex accessories to help make things more enjoyable, even things that will help tighten things up and make him bigger, this is a really full/lustful article, so we hope you enjoy. – Sharing is caring, so be amazing and hit the share buttons a few times. – Comment below for more information or to add your own input after you’ve read it. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Make Penetration More Sexually Stimulating


#1. Start By Getting A Vibrating cock ring

All great penetrational sex starts with a vibrating cock ring in my opinion. A Good vibrating cock ring is really valuable to your sex life. It’ll maximize the chance of achieving mutual orgasm during sex.

Wouldn’t it feel good to make your partner orgasm every time you have penetrational sex? IT’s the male dream. Well it’s almost impossible to do on your own, but with the use of a vibrating cock ring you’ll be able to.

It helps you maintain a stronger erection, helps you last longer in bed and will stimulate the clitoris with orgasmic vibrations, that will also feel amazing on the penis.

If that sounds great to you then this is the best vibrating cock ring, this cock ring is out of this world.


#2. Number One Advice Is Always To Grab Some Lube

Penetration sex is much better for women when there’s lube. It’ll stop her from drying up during sex, it’ll also help her achieve orgasm during penetration. Mixing this with the vibrating cock ring will be an amazing experience for your partner and you can also get lubrication that tastes amazing, making oral sex so much better. I use this flavored lube that I always use and I really recommend it, there’s also this lube that’s great for penetration it’ll leve you both feeling smooth, it also is condom safe, doesn’t stain, works great with sex toys and lasts ages.


#3. Foreplay, Foreplay And More Foreplay

For a woman to really enjoy sex you need to focus on foreplay, that’s the main thing you need to focus on. Just really plan it well. You don’t want to rush things like foreplay get it done and make sure it’s good.

You can do things like give her an x rated massage even a make out session, if you’re more smooth than that then you can even use your tongue or your hand and give her a clitoral orgasm, this will really open her up.


#4. Try To Make Your Partner Have A Clitoral Orgasm Before

By giving your partner a clitoral orgasm you’ll open her up, relax her vagina and make her want you even more. Some of the most fun penetration you’ll ever have will be just after a clitoral orgasm and you’ll also make it easier to give her multiple orgasm. Doing this with the things above and you’ll be amazed with what you can achieve.


#5. Learn How To Stimulate The G-spot

After you give her a clitoral orgasm you can the stimulate the g-spot and get a reaction. This can be done using your fingers or if you’re clever you can put her into doggy style and start giving it to her like that. This will hit her g-spot and drive her crazy, it works best for her if you’ve already given her an orgasm.

If you’re looking to stimulate the g-spot without the penis you can easily use a g-spot vibrator, it’s best to open her up with some finger play before you jump straight into a g-spot vibrator. They are orgasmic and can help achieve a squirting orgasm.


#6. Find The Position That Suits Her

All women are different, they all enjoy different positions, find out what positions drives your partner crazy. Some women like to be on top as they find it easier to get themselves off, others like you having the control. I often find confidence women like being on top and more conscious women like being you being on top. But I find this all goes out the window once you make one of them cum.


#7. Speed Isn’t Everything

You don’t want to be going really quick unless she tells you that’s what she enjoys. You want to take it slow at the start and then build up to the quickness. You never want to stop and start speeds, once you’ve got the speed going toy need to maintain it, a change in speed can ruin her orgasm and make it much harder for her to achieve an orgasm. So maintain speed and rhythm to get her to orgasm.


#8. G-spot Stimulation For Your Penis

You can also get a g-spot vibrator for your penis, I’m not sure how great these work but I’m sure you can give it a try to enjoy it. It’s never going to be too bad. And is idea for doggy style and you on-top of her. This really will drive her wild and get her to a very happy place sexually. So if that sounds good pick up a g-spot vibrator for your penis here.  

How To Make Penetration More Sexually Stimulating

How To Make Penetration More Sexually Stimulating

How To Make Penetration More Sexually Stimulating – It’s now time to take things into your own hands and make it as orgasmic and as fun as you physically can. – These sex tips really are the best place to start, they really did help me out in a big way. – Sharing is caring, so be sure to share yourself. – Comment below for more information or for a chat. – Sharing is caring, so be amazing and share. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Make Penetration More Sexually Stimulating

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