How To Make Sex More Thrilling

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How To Make Sex More Thrilling – Looking for ways to make sex more thrilling and intense? I’ve got the perfect ways to make your sex life so much more thrilling. The best sex is the kind were you’re left feeling dirty and wanting more, this guide will teach you how to up the notch on your sex life and get the naughtiness back, you’ll have to have an open mind and be ready to do something out of this world with your sex life. – Sharing is caring, comment below if you want to add anything to this article. – I’d love to see what you all thing. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Make Sex More Thrilling


Unlock your inside sex god/goddess

You’ve got to want sex more. Most men and women never get in sync with their true sexual side and if they do then they never tell their partner at the risk of being judged. You both need to open up and accept each others sexual desires, as soon as you do this you’ll be able to make sex more pleasurable and intense.

There’s a few ways to do it, the first involves talking, just talk to each other and make the effort. Try to understand your partners fetishes and fantasies and never shut them down. After you know what each other likes then you can start implementing it into your sex.


Get a vibrator

One of the first steps to making sex more thrilling is to bring sex toys into your relationship. Start with a vibrator that’s a little larger than life. You want to start it off by letting your partner have complete control of it. This will be enough to send you to a new place sexually.

Another great reason to try using a vibrator is because it will help the female orgasm and make the sex better. If the female is happy then the mans life will be a lot easier.


Get this amazing couples sex toy

This couples sex toy really made my sex a lot more thrilling/orgasmic. All you’ve got to do is get lube and lube the toy up then insert it inside the female. The vibration will start and it will stimulate the clit and the g-spot, then the man can insert his penis and enjoy the vibrators. It will make the man’s penis fee a lot bigger and it will make the chances of orgams 90% higher.


Open up to trying new things

The first thing that both of you need to do is open yourself up to trying something new. Sex gets boring and if you have the same routine every single day then you’ll get nowhere and it will just end up the same old. That gets boring. If you open up your mind to new sex then you’ll make things a lot more intense and pleasurable.


Both be selfish at the same time

You need to both try to get yourself off. This will make the sex more orgasmic. Try things like 69 and pleasuring each other at the same time. This makes the sex more about yourself, this will make it easier to get off. This isn’t something that you need to do every time, but it makes a big difference when you both trying to get yourself off with the other persons body.


Experiment with different types of pleasure

Look you can always try about having anal play, you might enjoy it, I definitely enjoy it and I’m sure you will too, give it a try to see how it goes. I find it extremely fun using different types of pleasure. I use butt plugs, different types of lube, vibrators, nipple suckers, cock rings. All these things will create different sensations that will make sex more exciting.


Have sex somewhere you’d never normally think about

Look, this is naughty but intense, I once had sex at a friend’s house with my partner while a party was going on. This was a lot of fun and it really was thrilling. You can try it in a car or on the floor in a new room in your house. Things like this really do make it more exciting. Give it a try to see what you think. I started trying this and I must warn you that it does become addictive and you’ll start trying to do it in different places.


Get some massage oil and a playlist

Nothing beats a nice setting and there’s nothing better than lights being low, with some nice music in the background, while a man slowely massages his women. You need to build it up. Start slow and then get a little bit more naughty, feel around the whole body and try to make things as naughty as possible.


Plan a sexy night

Have a night or day of sex, start with different types and try to mix it up. You’ll be surprised how much fun this can be. You get ready and build it up, wear sexy clothes. Plan what you’re going to do and try to make it as fun as you can.


Build things up

You can build things up for the whole day. Have 5 minutes of pleasure every hour and just go nuts, try to make things orgasmic and pleasurable in that 5 minutes and do this all the way till the night, don’t give in, by the time the night comes you’ll both be ready to explode.

Make it even more intense with different sex toys and hot underwear.

How To Make Sex More Thrilling

How To Make Sex More Thrilling


How To Make Sex More Thrilling – No thrills sex is boring and now you’ve read this you’ll never have to face that. You just need to go for it. People let their minds control them more than their erges, that’s sometimes a good way to be, but you should let your erges open up while having sex. It seriously will change everything instantly. – Comment if you’ve got anything to add to this article. – Sharing is caring so be sure to share as much as possible. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Make Sex More Thrilling

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