How to make the best dating profile.

How to make the best dating profile.

How to make the best dating profile.

How to make the best dating profile. – Dating is something that we seem to be spending more time writing about recently. We want to help and it seems like most of you guys need a little help with your love life, so we set out and asked people what the most important thing when it comes down to dating profiles, this is what we got back. This should help you get more interested in your dating profile, which will hopefully lead to a better love life. – If you need any personal advice just contact us or comment below. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog. How to make the best dating profile.


This is where every person seems to go wrong while creating a dating profile, people add pictures from 10 years ago or highly photoshopped images that look nothing like you do now. This doesn’t get you any attention in real life just on the site and you’re better off not doing it, it’s silly having them being shocked when they see you and not liking that it’s a different pictures, the likely hood is they won’t even turn up if this happens. So make sure you follow these rules:
Real pictures taken in the last 2 years. 
This makes sense as in 2 years you can change a lot and it’s better getting 5 real messages than 20 fake massages all aimed at your younger self.
Full body shoot not just the face.
This is a must, if you’ve got some weight on you then show it off, if you do just a face shoot you may end up tricking someone into going on a date and then have the same problem as we talked about above.
It can sometimes help to have a man or woman in one picture.
This works with having a lot of friends too, if you’ve got a few friends in a picture it shows you’re a nice guy/girl and usually will land you more views and interest.

We must admit it isn’t all about looks but in honesty you need that initial attraction and if someone thinks you’re someone you’re not it can really hurt the way they look at you.

About you.

Another thing that I see more and more people doing on dating sites is lying on their about me or not telling enough information. You’ve got to tell the internet exactly what you like and explain a lot about yourself. – This is how to make the best dating profile.


Name: Jake Hughes.

Hobbies: Snooker, Football, tweaking cars, building.

Work: Electronics and part-time as a Football coach.

About me: 

I’m looking for a nice woman to settle down with and enjoy the rest of my life, I would love to have someone to care about and give my attention too. If you want to know any more about then message me as I love a good chat.

Even that was a bit too little, it helps to be nice and just be you, if you say you want to settle down and really you don’t then that will just get you nowhere, say how you feel and make sure you have information about yourself and maybe even mention a few things like: Life Goals, Achievements, Favourite Country, Favourite place to eat, Favourite movie. All that will let them know what kind of man you are, this will help you get people who are really interested in you, instead of talking and then finding out you’re nothing a like.

What you want.

You need to know what you want from a dating site, some men and women want sex others want a loving relationship, others want to give dating a go and see if they can meet someone nice, others just want to meet friends, it’s a crazy set up and you’ll get what you want a lot quicker if you know it. So have a think and work out what you really want, do you want someone to look after you, someone to spend your time with, someone to be a good friend or someone to marry and have kids with. It’s hard to tell you what to do without knowing you, but I can tell you if you get your priorities straight it will make life a lot easier and let you get what you want quicker. So start a little pro and con list and see what relationship suits you. – How to make the best dating profile.



In my years of being a dating specialist I’ve had a lot of people come to me in tears saying their date went wrong and the person didn’t like them because they lied. Now I’m not saying you need to say every detail about yourself and tell everyone your insecurities, but it won’t hurt to be honest if someone asks, don’t put on their you’re a size 12 when you’re a size 16 and don’t say you’re 30 when you’re really 38, this is a big deal and you never know you might miss out on the person of your dreams because they think you’re too young and won’t like them. So don’t mention all this but if you’re asked then be truthful and try your best not to lie. Hope you are enjoying how to make the best dating profile.


Go looking for a lot of people.

The more you talk to the more chance you have of meeting someone, that seems to be the way it works.

Go on more than one dating site.

Try 3 or 4 there’s some free ones like Plenty of Fish that you can sign up to for free and get dating, this will help you meet more people, just make sure you don’t lead loads of people on and try to be nice and do what you would do in real life.


If you don’t want to waste time talking to people who aren’t right then mention in your bio what kind of person you’re looking for. – How to make the best dating profile.

How to make the best dating profile.

How to make the best dating profile.

How to make the best dating profile. – There’s a few other ways but these seem to be the most important and if you follow them I’m sure you’ll get some more interest in your profile. Just be truthful and make sure that you don’t tell lies or upload fake pictures as that’ll never work. If you want any more advice just check out our blog page where there’s loads of help. – Sharing helps support us so please share this post. – Comment if you want to have a chat with us. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

How to make the best dating profile.

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