How To Make Vaginal Sex More Exciting for You Both

How To Make Vaginal Sex More Exciting for You Both – Vaginal Sex can sometimes get a little boring and couples often lower the amount of sex they have because of that. A great way to make vaginal sex more interesting is to read this post where I´ll teach you some great sex tips for adding tightness, getting deeper, having more pleasure, and upping the fun that you´ll have. This sex advice did wonders for men so I´m sure it will do wonders for you. This is the way sex should be, exciting, fun, and more intense, so remember to follow this guide as well as you can. – If you find anything useful in this article then please share it on social media or bookmark it so you can find it again. Comment below if you´ve got anything to add and if you want help just ask. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Make Vaginal Sex More Exciting for You Both


One of the easiest ways to add some more fun to vaginal sex is to just change the position you have sex.
By changing the position you can make the vagina tighter which will make sex more fun, it will make it tight for you and make your penis feel a lot bigger for her.
This really works well and will help you get the added pleasure that you need.



Missionary is a great place to start when it comes to having sex, it´s easy to make more intense and it´s a lot of fun to try. All you need to do is get on top of your partner and start having sex, you can either put a pillow under her back so you can get deeper and then she can either spread her legs far apart so you can get even deeper or wrap them round your back so you can get the feel of her feeling tighter and you getting deeper.
This will feel great and will really spice up the sex straight away, it´s a really good way to make the sex a lot more fun. – How To Make Vaginal Sex More Exciting for You Both.



Doggy style is another position that´s great for making vaginal sex more fun. You can try doggy style in loads of different ways the first being with her on her knees with a straight back, this will get deep and will feel amazing, then you can put her legs closer together to make her pussy more tight and your penis feel really big.
If it´s to much for her and she wants to stop you getting so deep she can then arch her back and rest her head on the bed, this will still feel amazing and will really get her g-spot. A great way to have better sex.



Try a lube that will tingle is a great way to make vaginal sex better, you can get lube that cools your vagina and lube that heats it up, the cool one is incredible and I recommend you try them both, they will help you get a different feeling and it will make your partners penis feel bigger.
You can also get pussy tightening gel which will make his penis feel even better and will make sex more fun for him.
Penis extensions, cock ring, penis pumps
If you want to make some improvements to your penis you can always try one of the above.

A penis pump will help you get a bigger penis and will keep you erect. The penis extension will add a few inches to your girth and length so your partner gets more feeling, the cock ring will just make you have a harder penis. – How To Make Vaginal Sex More Exciting for You Both.



Spend more time playing and less time fucking. If you try to tease your partners vagina dn get her worked up it will make the sex a lot more wet and fun.



You can always use a sex toy, a massager is a great way to get things pumping and you can just use them right away. They make sex more exciting and if you learn to use one on your partner then you´ll really blow her mind. It´s one of the best bits of advice I can give to you and you´ll really not regret learning how to use a bullet vibrator.


Couples sex toys

You can get some amazing couples sex toys, there´s one that will go inside her and stimulate her g-spot and clit while you´re inside, this also makes your penis feel the vibration, this makes everything so much more intense.


Vibrating underwear

If you really want to make vaginal sex more exciting then you can always get some vibrating underwear, I really recommend it. Just get some with a remote and put them on about 10 minutes before sex, it will stop there being any foreplay and it will make you want to just jump on your man.


Being submissive

Always have one of you take control and make sure you switch turns, this way it will keep things a little more interesting.Don´t let it ever just be one of you in control.


Taking your time

Don´t rush, have slow, powerful sex that lasts longer than 2 minutes. You want it to be enjoyable and have some extra meaning so really make it last as long as you can, it will make your partner a lot happier.

How To Make Vaginal Sex More Exciting for You Both

How To Make Vaginal Sex More Exciting for You Both

How To Make Vaginal Sex More Exciting for You Both – See it´s not hard, you just have to think outside the box and use your imagination a little. You´ll be amazed at where that will get you. I usually say the first step to having better sex is to get an open mind and start thinking about sex a little more. It usually helps me out. – Comments and below so remember to comment and the share buttons always loved to be pushed so make me happy and push the share buttons.

How To Make Vaginal Sex More Exciting for You Both

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