How To Make Your First Time More Of An Orgasmic Experience

How To Make Your First Time More Of An Orgasmic Experience

How To Make Your First Time More Of An Orgasmic Experience – Whether you’re a man or women the first time you have sex it’ll most likely be a very awkward experience in your life. There’s not many people who link the best sex of their life to the first time, but I’m going to give you my advice that’ll change it from awkward, bad sex, too a much more enjoyable and less painful experience. This advice is golden so be sure to take it in and try to follow it the best that you can. There are parts dedicated to men and parts dedicated to women, read it all to understand the situation better. – Sharing is caring, be sure to hit the share buttons. – Comment below if you’ve got anything to add or say. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Make Your First Time More Of An Orgasmic Experience


#1. Learn How To Put A Condom On And Always Have A Few Back Up Ones

I’ve had some extremely shady times with putting on condoms especially at the beginning, things like putting the condom on the wrong way, loose of erection because the condom was too tight, not being able to open the condom wrapper, etc. All of these things could have been stopped if I just brought a cheap pack of 12 condoms and just sat and practices with them.

Also I recommend always bringing a few condoms when you think you’re going to have sex for the first time, just incase you mess up the first one you’ll have a few back-ups, also women usually want to do it more than once on their first time, so this keeps you prepared for that.


#2. Take Your Time, Never Rush

In general you should never rush. Rushing anything to do with sex will make it bad. Women have an image in their heads of how they want their first time to be and as a man your job is to get as close to this unrealistic image as you can. So, take your time and never rush a girl.

I always recommend you being a in a relationship with each other for at least a few months, that way you learn the person, gain confidence and will not be scared to show off your body to them. Lots of women are insecure about their bodies, so by taking your time you’ll make the experience a lot better for them.


#3. Build Up Step By Step

Another great reason to take your time is so that you learn. Most relationships start with light holding hands and kissing, then light touching, the boob touching and after a month or two it turns into real foreplay, handjobs, blowjobs, oral sex, fingering, etc. This is when it’s time for you to both learn as much as you can about the other persons body.

As a man you’ll want to be gentle with her clitoris and stay in rhythm and as a women you’ll want to learn not to be rough with his penis and to keep confidence. When the right time for sex finally comes around you’ll know how to make the person horny and ready for you.


#4. Always Use Protection And Be As Safe As Possible

You don’t want to be left worrying for weeks after you have sex for the first time, whether you’re a man or women you don’t want this. I always recommend using a condom properly, if the female can be on the pill then that’s even better and if as much as I don’t recommend it you could always get a plan b tablet.

Listen: If you get a plan b tablet don’t then think it’s okay to have sex without protection, it’s not, there are loads of STD’s and if you allow a man to do that the first time he’ll expect it every time. Also you shouldn’t take more than a few plan b tablets in your life.


#5. Women Need Foreplay In Order to Get Wet

Girls always need to be warmed up before you put your penis anywhere near them. Kiss her sweet spots, touch her how she likes it and if you don’t know how to pull off foreplay that she’ll like, then tell her to wait, the first time will be so much easier if you’re both horny and turned on.


#6. If You Can Then Try Getting Some Lubrication

I personally recommend this lubrication.  It will make the sex less painful for the female, some women don’t find sex for the first time to painful, but other women find it seriously painful, so by following the tips above and using lube you’ll make the whole experience a lot more successful and enjoyable.


#7. Try To Do It With Someone You’re In A Relationship With

As I said above, it’s always important to do it with someone who you know. It’s awkward to do it with a randomer and it’ll not be fun for either of you. It’s more dangerous and will make the experience a sucky one.


#8. Don’t Give In Or Listen To Peer Pressure

I don’t care if your friends are all having sex, don’t matter, wait for the right time, you will get it at some point. Girls usually get pressured into their first time, due to peer pressure and it’s not exceptionable, you need to do it when you’re ready not when your friends are.


#9. If You’re The Man Make Sure You Cut Your Nails

There’s nothing worse tha having sharp nails and hurting the girl who you’re with. It’ll kill the mood instantly. Trust me I’ve made this mistake, you’ll only stop doing it when someone tells you, so this is me telling you to get a nail grooming kit. 😉


#10. Both Shower Before It Happens And Always Where Good Underwear

Sex is always better when both parties are clean. Have a shower on the day you have sex and be sure to wear nice, new underwear. You’ll make the sex better and more enjoyable for both of you.

How To Make Your First Time More Of An Orgasmic Experience

How To Make Your First Time More Of An Orgasmic Experience


How To Make Your First Time More Of An Orgasmic Experience – Taking your time is probably the most important part of this whole article. You really need to take your time in order to get things right. People often make the mistake of rushing sex the first time and like anything you rush it turns out worse that normal. So, to stop yourself from being put of sex I highly recommend taking your time. – Sharing is caring. – Comment below if you’ve got anything to add to this article. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Make Your First Time More Of An Orgasmic Experience

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