How To Make Your Girl Want To Try New Things In The Bedroom

How To Make Your Girl Want To Try New Things In The Bedroom

How To Make Your Girl Want To Try New Things In The Bedroom – Sex can get a little repetitive especially if you’re never trying new things in the bedroom. I used to never want to try things in the bedroom, then I got a sex toy and started opening my mind and now nothings off the table for my man. That’s why I want to help men get their women more open-minded, this will help you get more sex, but more importantly open up things like anal sex, BDSM, sex toys and even more naughty things. – Remember to start slow and to save this page so you can keep learning the ways to make her more open-minded. – When you get more sex please remember to hit the share buttons. – Comment if you need someone to talk to or want more advice. It really does make me happy. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Make Your Girl Want To Try New Things In The Bedroom


#1. Open Her Mind 

It’s not hard to open someone mind, you can do it by slowly changing up the way you have sex, or talking about sex more, even just involving more naughty things. Just work out what she may like and then give it a try, there’s no need to rush you need to be slow and just give it what you can, being able to do that will help you open her mind in very different ways.

It’s good to remember to take your time too, it can take a while to ope her mind, so slowly start being more naughty and talking about more naughty things, there’s no need to rush.


#2. Get A Sex Game (Can Be Really Fun)

Sex games are unbelievable fun and they really can be a lot of fun. It’s a great way to try new things in the bedroom without having to bring it up. They can sometimes even take love to a new level. I personally recommend getting this sex game, it’s my favorite so far, you only need two players and as long as you’re ready for a night of fun it’s amazing. Give it a hot and see what yo make of it for yourself.


#3. Sexy Up 

It’s time to sexy yourself up. It doesn’t matter that you’re a guy you can still look good in the bedroom. Get yourself some nice new boxers and maybe get some nice new smells to make yourself smell good, then maybe invest in some sex underwear for your partner, that you you’ll both look and feel sexy, this makes it easier to have more orgasmic sex.


#4. Romance Helps Sex

Don’t forget the romance, if you do then you’ll end up regretting it, most people don’t do the whole romance thing, that makes it really hard to get great sex and it even takes a lot of the fun out of sex. So if you want to start having more orgasmic sex toy need to remember the power of romance, it really can be amazing what you can achieve with a little romance in your love life.


#5. Get Some Couples Sex Toys

Look sex toys are amazing I don’t care what you say, get yourself a sex toy and unlock the power of orgasmic sex. I use a vibrating cock ring to add lots of spice and a couples sex toy like that for the real pleasure. By using either of them you’ll automatically open up your partners mind to new orgasmic experience that she can’t say no too.


#6. Let Her Have A Sex Toy

You can get a couples sex toy but it may be a better idea getting her a sex toy, you can treat her to a bullet vibrator that way she’ll start being able to explore herself, it still makes you really useful and don’t worry a sex toy will make sex better not worse. Most women masturbate on their own and that’s why you don’t have to worry about her getting ride of you because you get her a sex toy, it’s just not how it works.

#7. Try A Fantasy

Why don’t you find out what her sexual fantasy is and make it happen, you don’t have to do her darkest fantasies but maybe it’s something like having sex in a car or when someone is near? Things like that, if that’s what they want then you need to give it a try to see what happens. Sexual fantasies are out of this world when they’re done right and can make sex extremely orgasmic, just keep that in mind.


#8. The Power Of A Blindfold And Restraints 

If you’re into something a little more naughty then you should try a blindfold and restraint, that’s one of the best ways to open your mind up to more orgasmic sex. Blindfolds build up the pleasure and make the female more stimulated, they also take away some awkwardness and restraints make the sex more intense, you’ve got to have trust and someone has to take full control.

I recommend these blindfolds and this restraint. 


#9. Get A Sex Tip Book

Why don’t you invest in a couples sex tip book? There’s no harm in that right? IF you’re looking for ways to spice things up then a sex tip book is always going to be the winning way to do so. I personally recommend this couples sex tip book. It’s really amazing and can help you perform amazingly in the bedroom.


#10. Don’t Give Up

Look the first thing you can do is give up once the sex starts getting good, there’s just no point in that, you need to go for it and not give up, that’s the only real way to have orgasmic sex time and time again.

How To Make Your Girl Want To Try New Things In The Bedroom

How To Make Your Girl Want To Try New Things In The Bedroom

How To Make Your Girl Want To Try New Things In The Bedroom – You’re now ready to try new things in the bedroom. You sex is going to change and that’ll hopefully make your relationship a lot better.  Sharing is caring, so please hit the share buttons and be amazing. – You can comment if you need someone to talk to or more advice. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Make Your Girl Want To Try New Things In The Bedroom

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