How To Make Your Girlfriend Cum In Minutes

How To Make Your Girlfriend Cum In Minutes

How To Make Your Girlfriend Cum In Minutes. – Sometimes girls find it a lot header to have an orgasm than men. I´m going to show you how to build up your partner so she cums in a matter of minutes after you start touching. This will make you the best she´s had in bed and it will make her give more back to you. Let her have it like she should be allowed. These are just some of the best sex advice/tips that´s online, even girls love this advice so make sure you follow it properly. I write this with help from 3 women who all have extremely active sex lives and are leading me into even better sex so this is going to be an amazing amount of knowledge. – Share if you enjoy and if you´ve got anything else to say then please be sure to comment below, you can ask anything and I´ll try to help with it. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Make Your Girlfriend Cum In Minutes 

Build her up for the whole day and then make her explode

Follow her around and make her feel amazing, by this I mean give her the occasional grind with your finger across her pussy over her clothes and kiss her loads, make sure you get her weak spots like her neck and around her ears.

Just make her go all funny, if you can achieve this then you´ll get her in the right mood set, you can also whisper things to her just to get her in the right place.
Touch her all around while watching a movie, just gently touch her vagina and do it in a very unaware kind of way.
Just put a movie on and sit there touching her, over clothes of course, this will just add enough tension for it to get her wet.
At the end of the movie go under the clothes and she should be extremely wet and ready to have some amazing sex.
This works like a dream, especially if you´ve been building her up all day, just make sure it´s not an amazing movie just because she might want to really watch it and not be sat thinking about how she´s going to have sex with you.


Treat her to a bullet vibrator or a massaging wand, this will set her orgasm on fire

Go here and buy on of these bullet or massage vibrators, there what every girl wants and they really will make every girl go wow, they´re lots of fun to use and if you put them on her sweet spot it will really blow them away
Another reason why Is ay get these two sex toys is because they´re really easy to use and extremely couple friendly.


Once you give her 3 great orgasms she´ll remember those orgasms when you next have sex

You need to get the first three orgasms done, they don´t have to be at the same time, just give her three orgasms in close time and then she´ll use the image of how wot you where then to cum again and again, make sure you do this.
You´ll be surprised at the power and then she´ll be ready for you to make her orgasm more.


Take control, be rough and make her feel safe

You need to take control and let her rest and enjoy the sex, don´t be rough and really don´t rush, you need to make her feel safe while you take control and to do that just let her know she can have control but at this moment you´re going to do all the work and put her where you want her.


Gain trust with her by letting her know how beautiful she is

Let her know how beautiful you think she is, if she knows that then you´ll be more likely to get her to orgasm.
Girls need to know that a man thinks they’re hot, it just makes them more comfortable, so make sure you tell her how sexy she is all the time and build that trust up.


Don´t be happy until she has an orgasm

Don’t ever get mad at her when she can´t finished but always want her to cum. Never go into the sex thinking that it´s not the end of the world if she doesn’t orgasm, every time you have sex you need to go for that next orgasm, if not you´ll end up not getting it.

Let her unlock her own body by masturbating


Tell her to experiment a little with her own body, let her have a play and try to unlock her body with her.

She needs to take the time to work out what makes her tick because if she doesn’t know what makes her tick then it´s going to be really hard for you to find out.


Mutual masturbation, see what makes her tick

One of the keys to having more orgasms is mutual masturbation, both masturbate with each other, learn how the other one does it and copy, you can also unlock each others body and have some fun.


Ask questions, talk and work out what makes her go wild

You can always ask questions, ask her what makes her go wow and what she likes in the bedroom, if you ask properly she will most likely give you an honesty answer, it will probably start with “I don´t know” but if you keep pushing it you´ll eventually get it so its´really worth trying, have a talk tonight as see what comes up. The Sexual Happiness People


How To Make Your Girlfriend Cum In Minutes – Fun is what you´re going to be having tonight! If you´re ready for some intense pleasure then make sure you follow this guide and remember it’s not all about the actual sex, it´s about the build-up and fun of it all. – Comment below if you want more advice, this will help you get what you need to get. – Sharing is caring so please share. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog

How To Make Your Girlfiend Cum In Minutes

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