How To Make Your Man More Adventures In The Bedroom

How To Make Your Man More Adventures In The Bedroom

How To Make Your Man More Adventures In The Bedroom – Men can sometimes be a little boring when it comes to try new things in the bedroom and taking then seriously. So, I wanted to show you how to make your man see the hotness in trying something new in the bedroom, whether you want him to try bdsm or anal sex, this will help you achieve just that. – I used to be closed-minded and it was only after someone used these tips on me that I started trying new things in the bedroom. – Sharing is caring, if you’re amazing then please share. – Comment below for more advice on how to have great sex. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Make Your Man More Adventures In The Bedroom


#1. Plant The Seed

All great sexual acts start with a little seed, no one ever goes why do you want to try anal sex on the first date, you start by slowly planting the seed in your partners brain. If you want you man to be more adventures than just plant the seed, ask him about the fantasy or what you’d like to try with him, get his opinion and see how he acts. You’re trying to make him curios and also get him a little turned on. here’s loads of ways to plant a seed, bu the best is always to communicate with each other.

#2. Start Getting Sexy

Sexy yourself up, make him want you even more and then start asking him to open up more sexually, you never want to tell him to open up as he may get offended but just tell him in a way that won’t hurt that you want to try something in bed. The sexy part will really help you get his sexual attention and then you can use it against him to say yes to trying new things.

#3. The Sex Life Is In Your Hands

You’ve got to remember that your sex life is in your hands and not no one elses, so it’s up to you to stop putting great sex off and start acting today. The longer you postpone sex and don’t give it to your partner the more you’ll not be able to get him to try new things.

#4. Start Slow 

You don’t have to jump in at the deep end, if anything you want to make the deep end wait, enjoy testing new things and slowly building up the more adventures tasks. That way he’ll not get overwhelmed and you’ll be able to enjoy the pleasure of trying something new for a much longer time.

#5. Show Him What Great Foreplay Is

Sometimes people need to see what something great is like before they do it themselves, show him what you can do by giving him an incredible blow job and then let him repeat the same thing on you. You do really need to shock him so make sure you use deep throat spray and if you’re kinky then always swallow, that will sure making him up his game. We’ve done loads of articles on giving the best blow job so go and check them out and learn how to stimulate him better than ever before.

#6. Communicate

Sometimes he may be just as happy to try something new in the bedroom as you are but because you never talk you’ll never find out. Try communicating sexually with each other, word what you want to try in the bedroom and pick a good moment, like a late night shit talk with a few glasses of wine. Most couples share the same fantasies but are too scared to admit or don’t know they do until one of them bring their fantasies up.

#7. Go Sex Toy Buying

It’s time to go on the best shopping spree ever! It’s the sex toy shopping spree and I’m going to show you what you need to buy in order to have incredible sex. Start with a vibrating bullet and then move to a male masturbator, you’ll then need to try a vibrating cock ring and maybe a couples sex toy and then finally get a massage wand. Take your time and end up with all them toys at some point, you’ll be guaranteed an orgasm every time you have sex.

#8. Let Him Try More With You

It can sometimes start by you letting him try some different things with you. Let him have a ply with your body, see what he does, tell him that he’s allowed to do anything to you sexually and see what he does. He may just touch you, he may get you to give him a blow job, he may even go for anal sex. Whatever it is humor him and let him try it.

#9. Turn The Lights Off

Turing off the lights gives people more confidence to try things the wouldn’t normally do, make your room pitch black or wear blindfolds and just have sex with each other. Make some rules of what you’re happy to do before the sex starts and then just go nuts.

#10. Play A Sex Game

I always promote sex games, I love playing a sex game once a month it really guarantees that I’ll have great sex at least once every single month. So if you want the same guarantee then treat you and your partner to this sex game, it’s easy to play and will open both your minds without any experience. Perfect for beginner kinks.

How To Make Your Man More Adventures In The Bedroom

How To Make Your Man More Adventures In The Bedroom

How To Make Your Man More Adventures In The Bedroom – It’s really that simple, you’ve just got to unlock what great sex really is, there’s a complete difference between great sex that leaves you both tired and intense, lustful sex that leaves you both drained and shaking. – Remember to share as much as you can, it really helps us out. – Comments are always welcome so be sure to comment. – I love to chat. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Make Your Man More Adventures In The Bedroom

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