How To Make Your Partner More Sexually Open

How To Make Your Partner More Sexually Open

How To Make Your Partner More Sexually Open – I’ve got a question, are you bored with the sex you’re having right now? Is it all just the same old? If yes then this article is going to do wonders for you. Okay, opening your partners mind up sexually is going to help add new things to your bedroom pleasure. People usually have a few sexually fantasies that they hide just in case you judge them. Once you get your partner to be a little more open sexually you can learn these and start using them to add things to your sex life. Threesomes, anal sex, sex toys, even swallowing. All these things can be easily answered in a few minutes, by reading this article. – If you feel lovely then please remember to share. – Comment if you want to have a chat or ask any question. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Make Your Partner More Sexually Open


#1. Get You Both A Couple Sex Toy That Isn’t Intimidating

A lot of men are scared of using a sex toy, sometimes so are women, but the truth is once you start using sex toys it’s hard to stop. They’re fun, easy and make having orgasmic sex a lot easier. So for men, if you’re nervous that a sex toy will replace you then you need to understand that if you and your partner have great sex with a sex toy that’s still classed as sex with you. For women that’ll nervous of sex toys then all you need to remember that sex is fun and with sex toys you’re just making it funner.

I recommend getting a massage vibrator or bullet vibrator. If you want something more couples then I’d recommend that you get a vibrating cock ring. 


#2. Get The Book Of Sex Tips

It doesn’t hurt to get a sex book and take a look at some of the pages in it. You can get couples sex tip books like that, these books allow you to see some amazing sex tips, but you’re doing it with your partner so it’s much easier and more fun. Also women enjoy doing things like this. All round it’s a great way to make sex more fun. If that’s what you’re after then you should try that sex tip book.


#3. Find Out If There’s Anything You Both Want To Try In The Bedroom

A lot of couples have naughty fantasies they’re in common, but they never tell the other because they’re worried that they won’t understand, this is why you need to have more of a fantasy sex life. So, take some time, sit down and have a little chat, find out what they enjoy and work out if you enjoy it too, once you find a few things you both want to try then go nuts.


#4. Get Sexy, Men Included

It doesn’t hurt to get more sexy, women can get some nice underwear and make sure you’re clean and ready for fun. Men can also get sexy, you can get some nice boxers, have a groom and make your hair a little more attractive. Make sure you smell good and wearing nice clothes isn’t a bad idea at all. Also you both need to remember to brush them teeth.


#5. Lights Low, Playlist On, Explore Their Body

People gain a lot more confidence using the setting above. Low lights make it less awkward and the playlist takes away awkward sound and can even motivate you to have more fun with your partner. For that reason you need to give this a try. Remember candle light is even more sexy, give it a go and see what you think about it.


#6. Add Competition To Your Sex Life

Competition is healthy, so by adding it to your sex life you’ll really get to the next level in the bedroom. You can see who’s better in the bedroom, even race to see who can complete more sexual acts with each other. Just add more competition and make the sex you have more of a game.


#7. Role play And Get Out Of Your Boring Life

Have you ever wanted to try something naughty? Maybe sex with someone in your work place? Or maybe the idea of a female in power or a man in power? What ever it is you should role play it and see how it goes. You can get all your sex outfits here and for the first few times you do it, you don’t need to use anything like that, you can just get into your role. It will take a few times before you’re ready to do it properly, but once that’s done the fun will begin.


#8. Go On Holiday

Holidays are great places to let orgasmic fun happen. People can forget who they are in their normal every day life and become someone who’s more naughty and ready for more pleasure. If that’s what you’re looking for then it’s the best way to go about it. holidays are the best place to start role play, sexual fantasies and even just opening your sex life to new experiences. It’s easier to forget about and because it’s away from your normal life it’s less connected to your personality.


#9. Get Your Partner Erotica

Women love naughty books and if you want more sex then a great place to start is with erotica. Just get this book,  it’s change your sex life within the week. Women start wanting to try new things and then the bedroom gets seriously heated.


#10. Give More Than You Get (This Goes For Both Of You)

If both people in the relationship did this then there would be amazing sex every night. You need to both be less selfish and both give it your all. There’s no point in having half sex. You need to always make it fun and full of pleasure.

How To Make Your Partner More Sexually Open

How To Make Your Partner More Sexually Open

How To Make Your Partner More Sexually Open – Do it, get your partner more sexually open and start doing the things that you’ve always wanted to, you really won’t regret it. – Sharing is caring. – Comment if you’ve got anything else to add to this article. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blogs.

How To Make Your Partner More Sexually Open

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