How To Make Your Partner Swing

How To Make Your Partner Swing

How To Make Your Partner Swing – Swinging is becoming more and more exciting for couples to experience. Over the past year it seems that more people every year or having sex with other couples, in sex parties and sometimes even in wife swaps. Well as it’s now becoming easy to start how do you go about asking your partner? Or getting your partner to want to try swinging? This can be hard. I’m going to show you how to get exactly what you want in the bedroom using some really naughty tips that are guaranteed to work if done properly. – Sharing is caring, so if you get what you want then please share:) – Comment below for more advice after you read this article. Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Make Your Partner Swing

#1. Try Watching A Sex Party Documentary 

You can sometimes spark your partners imagination by showing them a sex party documentary or a swinging documentary. This may interest them and actually start turning them on, this is the perfect way to subliminally start putting signs in their brain that you want to try it.

There’s a fw great sex party documentaries and that’s one of the reason I recommend you start with sex parties, before swinging.


#2. Ask Them About Their Fantasies And What They’d Like To Try

You can learn a lot about someone from just asking simple questions. Sit down with your partner, have one of them night where you sit up s**t talking and just ask them what their fantasies are and remember that if you tell the truth they’ll respond with the truth.

Just be the first to start it off, then let them lead and you can either do it in a hot, sexual way or you can just make it a general point of conversation, it’s completely up to you and what your partner will respond too.


#3. Create A Sexual Bucket List

You can both create your own sexual bucket list, this is a great way to start building strength and trying new sexual acts.

Start with little easy to complete fantasies then slowly build the fantasies up, you can both do it together and just make rule that there’s no carping on the others fantasy 😉 unless that’s a fantasy ;D.

You can also save yourself some time by getting the sexual bucket list book that actually contains all this information in it.


#4. Heat Things Up In The Bedroom

You can really change the way you have sex by spicing things up a little. Just start making the sex you’re having more naughty and shortly they’ll get addicted to the progression of sex.

Sex is all about changing your routine and trying new things, so in order to have great sex you’ve got to get good at consistently changing how you have sex each day.


#5. Act Out A Threesome

You can try our guide on simulating a threesome and give group sex a try without actually ever letting someone into your relationship. This works for both men and women and is something you should definitely give a try too.


#6. Find Another Couple That Are Interested

If you find a couple who’re already involved in swinging you can usually start making your partner want to try it. If they get opened up to the world of it slowly and you just keep going forward they’ll usually keep enjoying it and you’ll see a grow in their desire to have group sex and share themselves with others.


#7. Make Sure Your Partner Knows What’s In It For Them

Sometimes you’ve got to make a deal, for example, we will have a threesome with 2 women if I can have a threesome with 2 men. This kind of deal is normal and it’s a good idea to make sure your partner knows what’s in it for them before anything goes ahead.


#8. Make Rules And Don’t Always Give Everything Away At First

Look, you need to go into this world slow and by making rules and taking your time that’s the easiest way to stop problems from occurring and happening more frequently.


How To Make Your Partner Swing – Are you ready to enter the world of orgies and sexual fun? If you are then this really is all you need to do. Just be sure it’s what you want from your relationship. If you’re unsure then be sure to tread carefully, you don’t want to lose someone because of it. – Sharing is caring, be sure to share as much as possible. – Comment below for more advice. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Make Your Partner Swing

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