How To Make Your Partner Try More Sexual Things

How To Make Your Partner Try More Sexual Things

How To Make Your Partner Try More Sexual Things

Unlocking ones inner sexual being is really hard and can take a long time, some people are naturally confident with their sex life and some are more insecure and won’t say to much. We are going to give you some tips and advice on unlocking that inner sex god in your partner, it can take a few week and it does help if you’ve been in a relationship for a while. This should show you everything you need to know and if you’ve got anything to add then please just leave it in the comments below and make sure you hit the share buttons, as sharing this post helps it grow. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.
How To Make Your Partner Try More Sexual Things 

 Unlock their mind

The mind holds all the keys to your sexuality, unless you unlock it you’ll never get what you want. You need to spend more time asking questions and trying to find out what they enjoy. Once you’ve triggered something you’ll be able to get more and more into sexual fantasies and try new things. Sex is one of the most important thing that a human needs. Most mens and womens minds are programmed to finding the perfect lover to give them kids.

This means that you need to spend a lot more time thinking, talking and experimenting with sex, it will help you get where you want to be.

Find out what they want

One of the best tips in how to make your partner try more sexual things is this.You’ve really got to find out what they want, if it’s more orgasms then give them it, if it’s a fantasy or fetish give them it, You really do need to put more time into finding out what makes them tick. It will be hard and you do need to find out things like what porn they watch, what’s their favourite sexual act, are they a giver or taker, what makes them feel the safest in sex. 

Once you know these things it will make it much easier to act on them and get the sex back on track. Sex can stay good through a whole relationship as long as you grow with it and don’t get left behind. It isn’t hard to enjoy something as amazing as sex and if that’s what you want to enjoy then that’s what you should enjoy. – How To Make Your Partner Try More Sexual Things.

Look for fantasies

Most people have a fantasy, whether it’s being watch while having sex, being a businessman, being a naughty maid, everyone wants something from someone, it will make sex so much better when you find out what your partners is. It doesn’t take to much to know, once you find out you can start acting on it, make sure you take it slow and try to incorporate it one part at a time. 

Ask questions

Now the best way to find out fantasies, what they want to do sex wise, all that stuff is through talking. You need to talk to them and have a sexy talk, maybe both have a few glasses of wine and have a chat about something sexual, ask if they’ve ever had a naughty fantasy and then see if they’d like to try it out. This is a really great way to try something new in the bedroom and if you do it right you’ll end up transforming your sex life.

Communication is the biggest deal when it comes to sex and a strong relationship, you should b able to talk about sex and not get shy or embarrassed, just talk and make sure you list. 

Try new things

Sex toys, dress up, rooms, car, trying something new will keep your sex alive, believe it or not trying something new is one of the best ways to better your relationship, just take your time and don’t be so quick to judge. Whether you’re trying a sex toy or even giving a new position a try, take your time and enjoy it all. Remember there’s no need to rush and sex is about enjoyment, so don’t always think about that orgasm just think about the moment. 

Small steps

Don’t rush,if someones a little new to the whole sex thing it’s best to take it slow, try not to over whelm them. Things like trying new positions have to be done in a way where you both want to, so maybe master the one that you try all the time, then master a new one, I know that once you rock his/her world once the game changes and a lot me sex is available. 

Light bondage

Bondage can be and is very sexual, it’s hot and naughty and if you want to make sex even better then it really is a must try. You don’t have to use anything bad just try something like, handcuffs, rope, blindfold, ticklers, just the light stuff that will make sex a little more naughty and a lot more hot. This is a must try tip in how to make your partner try more sexual things.


 Lights on or lights off. People usually feel more sexual in the dark, maybe both have blindfolds on and enjoy the sexualness, just pick what makes you feel the most confident and stick to it, it’s a great way to embrace sexuality and to enjoy sex. So try something new and try it in a dark room where you’ve both got to feel each other in different ways. 

How To Make Your Partner Try More Sexual Things

How To Make Your Partner Try More Sexual Things

How To Make Your Partner Try More Sexual Things – See it doesn’t involve to much work, it’s just trying to work out their fantasies and what they like in bed, it’s good for you and you’ll end up enjoying even more and having a better sex life, this can usually lead to a happier relationship and more fun. – Sharing with the buttons below helps this post grow and get happy, please share. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Make Your Partner Try More Sexual Things

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