How To Make Your Woman Enjoy Sex More

How To Make Your Woman Enjoy Sex More

How To Make Your Woman Enjoy Sex More – Do you want to make your women crave sex life you do? It all start with satisfaction, I’m going to show you how to achieve her satisfaction and make her want you more than you want her. This is all you’ll need to know to get more sex from your woman. Before we start I’ll admit that this won’t be instant, it will take some patience, but it really will be worth doing. – So lads, it’s time to teach you how to have better sex with your partner. – Comment below if you’ve got anything to add to this article. – Sharing is caring, please share. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Make Your Woman Enjoy Sex More

 Give her more orgasms

If you learn how to give your partner a better orgasm she’ll start wanting more sex. I guarantee this working. Women don’t like sex as much as men because men usually finish no matter what as women have only a 20% chance of having an orgasm.

If you give her more orgasms than she’ll be a lot more likely to have sex regularly. You’ve got some options, you can get this sex tip book, I highly recommend it. Or you can just ask your partner to have sex every night for the next 2 weeks and by the end of the two weeks you’ll be a lot better in bed.

Both of them methods work extremely.

Try something new that will unlock her naughty side

Everyone’s naughty you’ve just got to learn what makes them tick. Once you find out what makes them tick you can do amazing things with their body. Your next task is to learn how to make them go crazy for you, once you learn how to do that you’ll be amazed with what you’re able to achieve. You just need to put some time into what your partner likes and really give it to her.

A great way to unlock your partners sexual side is to ask questions, find out what type of porn she watches (everyone watches porn), what her fantasies are, even ask about fetishes. This is what you need to learn, as soon as you find out what she likes you can start acting on it.


Gain more trust in your relationship

Getting her to trust you is a huge part of getting sex more enjoyable. The more someone trusts you the better the sex will be. Sex with the lights down low just won’t do it, you need to be able to see what you’re doing with each other. You also need to learn to not get awkward when giving pleasure.

So tell her that she’s amazing and her body is looking out of this world. Make her feel confident and build her up, once she has more confidence she’ll ride you without a care in the world.


Get some flavoured lube

Lube has helped me out on more than one occasion, it can do the same for you. Getting some of this amazing lube will make your sex life better. It makes oral sex more fun, quickies more fun and long intense sex more orgasmic. Once you get some lube you’ll be able to have sex over and over again with out a care in the world.


Find out her secret fantasies

Everyone has one secret fantasy, usually it’s a threesome for a women or a one night stand, even cheating. It doesn’t mean she’ll do any of her fantasies, but there’s no reason why you can’t role play them. Try inviting her round and pretending to cheat.

Or use this guide and simulate a threesome, this is a great way to make her want more sex. I understand that if you’re a normal man then you’re not going to want to try any of this, but if you part fulfill her fantasies then she’ll be a lot more happy and she’ll get more in sync with her sexual side.


Diet and eating can change sex drive

If you’ve both got a really bad diet it can have a negative effect on your sex life. Start eating a lot more fruit and eat more natural things. The more natural stuff you eat the better you’ll feel.

Why does this matter? There’s two factor, one is energy. Most people don’t have enough energy to have sex after a long day and the other reason is blood flow, bad food makes people have bad blood flow, if you eat healthy then it will make your sex drives more active and it will make it easier for you to get hard and her to get wet.


Lower her stress with a massage and hot bath/shower

Stress is the biggest sex drive killer, if there’s a lot of stress in your life then you’re going to have s**t sex. How to make stress go away, remember that it kills you and it’s all about being scared. There’s bigger things in life than being scared, so don’t let it affect you.

An easier way to get ride of stress is to give your partner a nice massage and then letting them have a nice warm bath, this is the ultimate way to get her to relax and prepare for a nice night of sex, you may have to do this a few times before you get amazing sex.

Try making sex about quality and not quantity 

Anyone can have sex 10 times and just make it quick, that’s not fun, try having sex less but making it incredible when you have it. The better the sex is the more you get and the more sexual ideas your partner will have.


Erotica is something women love

Get her an erotic novel, trust me on this. If your partner read 50 shades of grey then you’ll understand the power of an erotic novel. Go and get this novel and let her read it, you’ll be amazed with the result of sex you get after.


Don’t be afraid to make it all about her

Sometimes you’ve got to be ready to make the sex all about her. Care only about her orgasm and not yours and let her know that. Tell her you’re only in it for her pleasure and let her know that you love pleasuring her, tell her that you love it when she takes her time, take the pressure out of her orgasming.

How To Make Your Woman Enjoy Sex More

How To Make Your Woman Enjoy Sex More


How To Make Your Woman Enjoy Sex More – It’s time to make that sex more enjoyable for your partner, it doesn’t have to be complicated and if you just follow this guide you’ll find it easy enough, give it a try to see how it goes, you’re most than likely amazed at how easy it really is to make a women want more sex from you. – Comment if you want any more advice. – Sharing is caring.  Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Make Your Woman Enjoy Sex More

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