How To Meet A Partner For No Strings Sex

How To Meet A Partner For No Strings Sex

How To Meet A Partner For No Strings Sex – Sometimes it feels good to just have sex without having to think about a relationship. Sometimes we as people just need a release, this release can sometimes be masturbation, but no strings sex is really the way to go. The question is can you have no strings sex? Yes that’s the answer, you really can. It’s easier than ever you just have to know what you’re doing and know how to disclose exactly what you want and what your plans are. I’m going to teach you that and so much more in this naughty article of fun. – Sharing is caring, I love to see people sharing so please share. – If you have any questions about this article or just need some advice please use the comments below. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Meet A Partner For No Strings Sex


#1. Use The Power Of Online Dating

As much as I hate people who use online dating to hook up, it does work. The fact is most people who have a good date through online dating usually have sex. Now this isn’t always no strings sex, so if you want that then you should advertise on the dating site that that’s what you’re looking for.

You need to use intense words, you want to really appeal to some and then not appeal to others. I mean tell people you’re after a non serious relationship, just someone you can have fun and become friends with. Be careful how you word it, just be yourself and I always recommend to people to be unique, talk about the things that make you, you and not just another dating profile.


#2. Tinder Works Like A Charm

If you’re a post teen you should give tinder a try, it’s a great app that allows you to see people in your area who want to hook up. IT’s similar to grinder which is the gay version, the only difference is people on Tinder pretend they use it to meet friends. I have more than a few friends who hook up with women every day using Tinder, so if you’ve got a smart phone, load it up and start meeting people.


#3. Go Out Clubbing

PEople who’re clubbing are not looking for serious relationships. So if you’re clever you can use this to get no strings sex. If you’re in the right location, a location with women who’re not to uptight then you can go to a club a few times a week and as long as you’re going, have some fun and doing your own thing you will attract women.

My biggest tip is to just be yourself and ignore everyone around you, people like someone who just ignores the world and has fun without women.


#4. Join A Course

Is there anything you’ve ever wanted to learn? Maybe dance? It might be painting? Even writing? Well pick a course that’s aimed more at women and your age and then head down there and start it up. You can start learning while meeting people who’re also taking the class with you. It’s a really easy environment to meet people who’re interested for fun and if you’re clever you can do great with this method.


#5. Start A Hobby

If you’re clever you’ll get yourself a hobby, again something that’s a little easier than starting a course and usually free, but if you pick a hobby that allows you to meet others who’re involved then you can definitely meet loads of women. Just don’t pick hobbies that involved RC planes ;).


#6. Be Open About What You Want

If you want to keep a good name, while having lots of fun you should always be honest about what you want and never lead on a women. Women will constantly get turned on by the fact you don’t want anything serious, usually making them want you more, so you’ve got to keep a distance and not let them know too much about you, that way if it all goes wrong you’re not going to hurt them too bad.


#7. Look Through People You Know

Have a look on Facebook and take a look at what talent surrounds you. Most people start off having no strings sex with friends of friends, it’s a good way to get sex, have it stay out your main life and keep the risk low.


#8. Keep Emotions Different

You’ve always got to keep your emotions somewhere else. Most people who have no strings sex regularly have someone they love who they get the emotional support from and then others they sleep with to get the physical pleasure. This is true and something that I know happens.


#9. Don’t Get Involved With Friends

You need to stay out of reach of real friends, you can use friends of friends like I mentioned above, but you’ll want to stay completely away from real friends. It always gets messy and is never easy, I’ve never successfully had a no strings relationship with anyone I’m friends with, it always ends horribly.


#10. Twitter

Don’t knock Twitter till you’ve tried it. I’ve actually had a lot of success using the social network Twitter, you can meet people in your area, it’s easy to get to know them and if you’re good at talking they’ll know your personality before they meet you. It’s a real win, win. It’s also a little less connected than Facebook and the small messages keep it short.

How To Meet A Partner For No Strings Sex

How To Meet A Partner For No Strings Sex

How To Meet A Partner For No Strings Sex – Are you ready to start that no strings sex? You should be. You do have to be careful and remember to take this advice only if you’re that kind of person, some people can’t think about doing this and for them people it’s not a great idea to try this. – Sharing is caring, so please remember to share as much as possible. – Comment below for more information. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Meet A Partner For No Strings Sex

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