How To Meet Swingers – The 101 Guide To Having Sex With Other Couples

How To Meet Swingers

How To Meet Swingers – The 101 Guide To Having Sex With Other Couples – it seems like we have a lot of fans who’re into swinging and a lot of them seem to wonder where to find other swingers. It seems like it’s becoming easier to find them but harder to get into the industry in the first place. Well today I’m going to show you how to start swingging and how to find swinggers in a new area, this is the perfect tutorial for the people that want to start swinging and see what it’s all about and it’s even better for people who just want to find new couples and start having more sex. – Remember that if you find this information good then please share it with your other swinger friends. – Comments are below if you’ve got any questions for us. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

 How To Meet Swingers


One of the best places to meet singers is at real swinger bars/clubs, now you’ll have to be with your real partner and you’ll be entered right into the world of swingers and you’ll be able to have some pleasure almost instantly.

Now to find a swingers club you need to just go on Google and Google ones in your area, they’re usually blacked out and are a little bit like stip clubs, the only difference is that there’s a nice bar and then people are usually really nice.

It’s probably the best way that I know how to meet a really good couple and it stop confusion because everyone’s in there for the same reason, you’ll usually be able to have even more fun outside as there will usually be a restaurant where you can go and get a bit to eat with the new couple or you can just get straight into things. Enjoy learning How To Meet Swingers.

Dating sites

Well there is some dating sites that allow you to enter in swinger as a dating preference and they’ll allow you to meet swinngers in your area, now this isn’t the best method and the method below is a little easier, this is still a way to get out there and start finding couples who’re into the same things are you are.

Swinger sites

There’s a lot of swinger sites and you can just join and add a picture of you and your partner, this will the open you up into the world of swinging, you can then go and add other couples and send them messages arranging where to meet and telling each other what you like.

You’ll usually have to list the things you’ll do and the things you won’t and it will usually match you with the perfect partner, it’s a great way to get around and can really help you find a great couple that you can use regularly. Hope This Is Teaching You How To Meet Swingers.



Believe it or not but there are events for everything so, if you really want to meet a few people you can always go to a little swinging event and see what you’ve got to choose from. The best thing about places like this is that they’re really friendly most the time and people who’re regulars will usually come up to you if you’re new and make you feel welcome.

This makes finding someone a lot easier and a lot more fun, it’s one of the best ways I know and it’s always a way to meet someone you really want to try something with.


Ask some friends

Another great way to meet people is to just ask some friends, now this might seem awkward but as long as they’re the kind of friends who look a little naughty I’m sure they’ll help you out and you can even have a few drinks and see where it leads you. It always helps to act like you’ve never done it before but you’re just looking for ways to spice up your relationship. This way they may agree and decide to try it with you.

This is always the best and will automatically start something that could end up being a lot of fun.



Nearly all of my friends use craigslist to find people, I’ve never tried it so I can’t recommend and as pictures go I’m not sure what you can trust, but it is worth giving it a try if you’re really desperate.


Sex games with friends

This is a little naughty but I will let you in on a secret, if you get a couple around the same age as you, I always try to go for a little older than me, then you just invite them round for drinks, make it seem a little naughty and see if they’d be interested in playing a naughty game. Now it always starts with a drinking game, then truth or dare and then the sex game, if you do this right then you’ll be kissing and touching each other all night.

This can every quickly turn into something so hot, remember that it works best with 6 people.


Nudest beaches

I have always found that nudest beaches are always the places to go when it comes to swinging, especially if you’re an older couple. There always seems to be swinging bars around nudest beaches and you can always go and have a wonder up the beach and see if you get any attention. – This is How To Meet Swingers.



There are loads of forums out there where you can ask if there’s any people in your area at a certain age, so give it a try. You’ll most likely find someone instantly and then let the fun begin. This really is one of the best ways to start meeting swingers and it usually works every single time.


How To Meet Swingers

How To Meet Swingers


How To Meet Swingers – The 101 Guide To Having Sex With Other Couples  – So you ready to break into the world of swinging? Well if you are then there really is no better way. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Meet Swingers – The 101 Guide To Having Sex With Other Couples

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