How To Put A Stop To Awkward Sex For Good

How To Put A Stop To Awkward Sex For Good – Have you ever had awkward sex that actually put you off having sex? Maybe it was bad breath or a lack of knowledge about your lovers body? Well either way I’m going to teach you exactly how to put a stop to the awkwardness and unlock the great, fun and exciting type of sex that everyone else is always talking about. This will seriously help all new couples and people who’re just getting into the world of sex. – Sharing is caring, so please remember to share. – Comment below if you’ve got any questions at all. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Put A Stop To Awkward Sex For Good


#1. Take Your Time, Don’t Rush Into Anything

Rushing is usually the cause of bad, awkward sex. If you don’t know someone and you decide that it’s time to have sex with them then you can usually expect for the sex to be a little awkward, it’s usually filled with nervous, not fun and over in a blink of an eye. That’s why I recommend getting to know the people who you have sex with. There’s no rush especially not for the first few times you have sex.


#2. Plan A Night Of Fun, Dinner, Bath, Wine and Sex

It’s always better to have a night and not just a quickly. The sex doesn’t have to last hours, but stretch it out. Have some fun, cook a nice dinner and even run a bath with a lass of wine for your partner, these things go and long way and mean a lot to most people. That will open them up to having good sex and will also make them a little horny.  There’s no reason why you can kiss and fondle with each other throughout the night.

This just makes the actual sex a lot more enjoyable and wanted. Which then takes the awkwardness out of it all.


#3. Foreplay Is Always The Best Way To Have Amazing Sex

Men you need to listen to me… NEVER forget foreplay. If you don’t want to start having awkward, less frequent sex then start using foreplay. I always do at least 10 minutes of foreplay on the female before sex, it just makes it a lot more enjoyable. I’m not saying that you’ve got to give them an orgasm, but that will help ;).


#4. Learn Some Sex Tips

One of the most awkward that can happen is having a lack of experience and the only way to change that is to learn some sex tips and start practicing them. It’s not hard to do this and as long as you’re okay with reading a few books then you’ll be grand.

I recommend this sex tip book for men and this sex tip book for women. 


#5. Remember The Importance Of Rhythm 

Whether you’re a man or women you need to remember the importance of rhythm. It’s how you get a girl to climax and it’ll help you give your man a great handjob/blowjob.

Females are extremely rhythmic creatures, if you’ve ever seen girls on a dance floor you’ll notice that most of them have a little rhythm, it’s drilled into them, just try it out.


#6. Always Cut your Nails 

Men always need to trim and groom their nails, if you don’t groom your nails then you’ll risk hurting the girl when you give her pleasure, it can hurt the clit and can even damage the inside of her.


#7. Lube Has Saved Me From Awkward Sex Many Times

Sometimes you’ll need lube just to get the mood going, women sometimes find it hard to get wet and it’s not a good plan to touch a girl out her being wet, it’s sometimes a good idea to get lubrication like that and use it just to get things heated up. It’ll help make the sex better and it can speed things up when you’re in a rush.


#8. Learn How To Put A Condom On Quickly 

If you’re new to sex then I recommend that you go and buy a pack of condoms and test them out, try putting at least 2 condoms on a day. It might seem like a waste, but trust me there’s nothing more awkward than when you put a condom on the wrong way, can’t open the condoms wrapper and when it’s to tight and you lose erection. This happens quite often so be careful and try before you have sex.


#9. Never Ask If You Can Do Something

Its a big turn off for a man to ask a women if he can do something. I’m not completely sure why this is, but it’s true, women hate it when men ask if it’s okay, just ask before you have sex or just go for it and see by her body language if she’s enjoying it.

#10. Always Make Sure You Have A Shower And Put New Underwear On

You always want to be clean while having sex, even though you might not be able to smell you, there’s a good chance that they will. So always put new underwear on and have a shower the day you know you’re going to have sex, that way you’ll always stay on top of yourself and continuingly have great sex.

Just follow these simple sex tips and you’ll hopefully completely avoid awkward sex, usually sex is awkward when it’s rushed, so just take your time and always wear protection with new lovers.

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How To Put A Stop To Awkward Sex For Good – It doesn’t take much to put a complete stop to awkward sex, you’ve just got to understand how to prepare for the sex and not rush things too much. The worse thing you can do when you’re new to sex is rush it, so take your time and go for quality over quantity at the beginning. – Have great sex and be sure to share this post as much as you can. – Comment if you’ve got any questions. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Put A Stop To Awkward Sex For Good


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