How To Quickly Spice Up Your Lesbian Sex Life

How To Quickly Spice Up Your Lesbian Sex Life

How To Quickly Spice Up Your Lesbian Sex Life – Are you looking for new ways to spice up your lesbian sex life? Maybe you’re a little bored of the same old sex that just keeps on happening? I was the same as you and I decided that it was time to start getting what I wanted in the bedroom, so me and my partner started enjoying pleasure every day more and more. This is what I recommend from you. I’ve made a list of things to do in order for you to spice up your sex life to a new level. – If you want to be amazing and find out something you thinks useful then please hit the share buttons at the button of the page. – Comment if you’ve got any questions or if you want to add anything to this article. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Quickly Spice Up Your Lesbian Sex Life


#1. Improvise A Sex Toy

Anything around the house that vibrators or is penis shape will do ;). Honestly I used an electric tooth-brush to get myself off for around two years back in college :O Bad I know. So if you don’t have a sex toy right now then just create one. There are loads of guides online that’ll teach you how to make a vibrator using gadgets at home, all of which takes a few minutes to source and will then give you constant pleasure.

If you’ve got extra money and some extra time you could get one of these sex toys to make sex even better.

There’s nothing to crazy their part from the butt plugs and they’re just there to help spice things up, it’s actually a lot of fun using something like butt plugs during sex, so if you’re an open-minded couple then get some butt plugs and give it a try.


#2. Have A Romantic Night

Romance definitely helps improve sex. Having a romantic night with candles, a bath, nice food, some nice music and some alcohol really makes sex so much better. It opens up both people who’re having the sex and just completes it making it so much more exciting.

It’s not hard to have an extremely orgasmic night of sex and I do recommend starting with romance and building off it. This works whether you’re a romantic or non romantic couple, so there’s no excuses for you less romantic people. You could even try taking it turns once per week to host the romantic night.


#3. Have Sex In A Different Room

A couples get themselves in a rut where sex gets boring and one of the big factors is because they’re just having sex in the same room all the time. This really does effect the relationship. You should change rooms at least once per month and try it in a different room, make the most of the whats around you, if you’ve got a kitchen use it, if you’ve got a living room then use it, ect. Think outside the box, but more importantly change the scenery of where you’re having sex, it’s just worth so much.


#4. Find A New Sex Position To Master

IT’s not too hard, just go online and find a sex position that you fancy mastering, then spend the next few weeks mastering it. You need to take your time and don’t rush it. Don’t start the sex position then leave it one second later. You’ve got to spend a few hours really mastering it getting it to be more intense and easier to get yourself off.


#5. Mutual Masturbation

Instead of both doing stuff to each other you should try a little mutual masturbation and see how well that goes. All you’ve got to do is both get a sex toy, maybe read erotic books together or watch porn, then just want each other getting off, if you find your partner attractive this will be a turn on, now as a lesbian you’ll have probably done this before, but people often don’t really enjoy it, get weird, don’t feel embarrassed, both get sexy and both enjoy it.

Once you get more experienced you can add different sex toys, erotica and even restraints to your mutual masturbation fun. Things like blindfolds change the sexual experience and really add something fun to the whole thing, so if that sounds good to you then you’ll want to give it a try.


#6. Have Fun Creating A Sex Fantasy List

Is there anything that you’ve been dying to try? Well if there is then you should be trying it.Write down a list of sexual fantasies you want to try, even the really naughty ones, then find a way to simulate/do them. This will help spice up your sex life instantly. You’ve got to remember not to get annoyed at the other persons list, just take time to enjoy the lists and understand that even if the list is naughty, it’s just their to improve sex.


#7. Take Turns Doing All The Work

Sometimes it’s nice to just lay down and let someone take care of you, take turns to take full control and excite your partner, you’ll want them to do all the work and then the next time you switch and do the work and just continue doing this.


#8. Have A Shower Together

Something as simple as showering together can be some great foreplay and get you both ready for some great sex, it’s simple but a lot of fun to try out. So if something like that excites you then you should give it a try.

How To Quickly Spice Up Your Lesbian Sex Life

How To Quickly Spice Up Your Lesbian Sex Life

How To Quickly Spice Up Your Lesbian Sex Life – It really did just get a whole lot easier to enjoy lesbian sex. So if you’re looking for ways to open your mind more than ever before it’s time to use the advice in this article. – Sharing is amazing and seriously helps us out. So please hit them share buttons. – Comments are always nice so feel free to comment below. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Quickly Spice Up Your Lesbian Sex Life

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