How To Raise Your Sex Drive

How To Raise Your Sex Drive

How To Raise Your Sex Drive

Most the time people want more sex buy just don’t have it in them. There’s a few ways to higher sex drive and end up having more sex solo or with a partner and they’re not even that hard. It’s a great way to maximise your sex and it’s great if both you and your partner both do these things, sex will be more frequent and happen quickly. Before we start I do want to say that no matter what age you are you need to make time for sex, it’s the best thing for you want will make your relationship stronger. – Remember to share this post using the buttons below. – Comment if you fancy some more advice or have something to add to the post. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

How To Raise Your Sex Drive


Food can really help you get that sex drive up and back into shape! Eating things like:

  • Bananas
  • Celery
  • Brazil nuts
  • Avocado
  • Honey
  • Almonds
  • Watermelon
  • Tuna

And even vanilla ice cream can raise your sex drive and get sex a lot more fun and exciting. It all comes down to the labido, blood flow and vitamins so by eating all this food you’ll be able to withstand all of this.

Honey ad bananas are a great mix and you can easily mix them into your breakfast to get that sex drive high and back to a normal place.


If you want to much or too little it can lower your sex drive. If you’re not masturbating but have a low sex drive then maybe try masturbating more.

2/3 times a week and after a few weeks drop it down to 1 time. You should hopefully see a difference in how horny you are without them extra days.

Same goes if you want to much, it lows your sex drive, so lower it down and try not to watch as much porn or masturbate too much.


Nicotine is one of the biggest killers for the libido. It makes blood flow worse to sexual organs which makes sex a lot harder and makes getting hard/wet a choir as your body’s blood flow isn’t good. – How To Raise Your Sex Drive.

Running/losing weight

If you lose some weight it can make you feel happier and that will then make sex easier, running can also help you get more stamina, that’s great for moving around and keeping the sex good once you’ve started going.

Sex drive is also down to confidence and self belief, if you’re nervous about your body it will be harder to have sex.


If you and your partner have a fantasy you need to unlock it, it’s a great way to get you sex life back on track, just think about the fantasy and maybe give it a try.

If it’s something like sex outside/in the car, or people watching or sex toys there all really easy to do and can be done very quickly.


Stress is another big sex drive killer, if you’re always stressed you’ll never want sex or be good at it, if you’ve got something on your mind sex can be the furthest thing away from your mind.

So before you go anywhere near sex have a nice bath and a relax, get de stressed and do it properly. – This had to be in the How To Raise Your Sex Drive.


Having a glass of wine before sex and I mean just one is a great way to get sex on the role, it’s easy and doesn’t take any skills or time.

It will calm you down, help blood flow and make sex better in more than one way.

This is a recommendation, just have one glass of red wine before sex and I bet the sex will be even better than before and probably a lot more hotter as you’ll both have a little more confidence.

Remember that to have more than one as it can have the opposite effect and also kill sex drive and make you tired/on able to get hard. – This is How  To Raise Your Sex Drive

More Sex

Having regular sex is a very good way to get your sex drive up, you’ll get used to it but it will keep getting better and you’ll keep trying new things and that will make it more hot.

A lot of people get a low sex drive because they have sex once a month, course you’ll get a low sex drive and not want to have sex as much. We recommend at least sex once a week as that will make it more fun and keep you both in order.

If you have sex less than that, then it means you need to spice sex up and in that case you want to look at a different post we’ve got, just search spice up sex life.

Blood flow 

As we keep saying “blood flow” Is the key to good sex and it’s really true, to have great sex you’ve got to have a good blood flow.

Make sure you eat plenty of fruit and get loads of vitamin C it will help your blood pump better and keep you in check.

You wouldn’t believe it but it can make life harder to get an erection if you don’t eat fruit, so eat as much fruit as possible and mix it up with oranges, bananas, and honey. You’ll get that sex drive back up to spec in no time. – How To Raise Your Sex Drive.

How To Raise Your Sex Drive

How To Raise Your Sex Drive


How To Raise Your Sex Drive – You really do need to make time for great sex! there’s no god in reading this and then not masturbating or having sexual intercourse, if you have sex 4 times a week and then go to 5 your body will adjust and it will become more used to 5 times, that’s more sex for both of you and will make your sex life so much better. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

How To Raise Your Sex Drive

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