How to seduce a woman

How to seduce a woman

How to seduce a woman.

How to seduce a woman. – Sometimes you know how to close but don’t know how to open with women, so today we’re going to show you some of our best tips/secrets on how to seduce a women the right way and how to stand ahead of all the other guys she might like. This is our advice and if you need any more help use the comments below. – Remember to share. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog. How to seduce a woman


Talking is the single most important tool to making a girl like you, they say it’s not just how you talk it’s the way so to seduce a women you need to learn a few easy to use tips and understand that people follow suit so be who you want her to be. By that I mean approach her as confident as possible and remember to keep you body straight and hold yourself well, smile and talk. Don’t be over talky (something I suffer from) Just be yourself and try to not be to quick, talk calm and make sure she understands, this will put her on your level and make it so much easier to seduce her. – How to seduce a women.


With talking it helps to think of a few good topics to get you talking and working well, as this is a full guide we’ve got to assume you’re starting from scratch or are just starting something with a girl. So topics here’s how I do it, one topic about the news, say something that’s happened in the world nothing about murder but can be scandal or something everyone’s talking about, two topics about her, these are the most important remember two things she’s told you previously or two things that work in every conversation like: where are you from? (don’t disrespect her home town), If you’re confident say: make a joke about cliche pick up lines, then get back to topic another conversation so I think I’ve seen you around before do you study or work around here? Depending on the age. This shows interest, next topic can be one explaining you, you’re job, what you want to be, a hobby anything don’t make it all about you just drop it in especially if it’s a good thing. – How to seduce a women.


Depending on the girl this all changes, if you’re reading this and a teen trying to pull a girl who’s a different kind of person this can go wrong just change the convo topics and think of a few out words to get yourself out the problem if it goes wrong.


This is massively important and you really need to learn just how to use your eyes, the eyes say more than the mouth ever could and it’s almost impossible to teach someone elses eyes, the tips and advice I give you on this are:

Don’t stair.

This may work when you’re 10 but once you get to about 15 the power of staring at girls till they look at you becomes creepy, if you’re having a few second gaze and it lasts 3 seconds and she does it back then thats fine but just staring at a girl will most likely creep her out. So a little cheeky look and a smile is perfect, a 30 second stair is weird. – How to seduce a woman.

While talking keep your eyes locked.

DOn’t break eye contact while you’re talking, it’s most likely that she will but it shows you’re confident and not hiding anything, if you keep looking a way while talking you won’t lock her into the conversation.

 No the difference. 

You need to understand the difference between eye contact when she’s curious and flirty contact, girls sometimes just stair because their being noisy and want to see what’s going on, before you go over there make sure she’s not with someone who will take offence.


We’re starting to get into business now, this is how to really seduce her and make her want you. You need to get that touch perfect and remember that it’s all about the confidence.

holding her lower back. 

Giving her a little lower back action is a way to get her tingling all over and a great way to show you want a little more.


Putting your hand lightly on her thigh, this takes confidence to pull off you you’ll have to be happy to fail and end up with her removing it, if she’s interested she won’t and if she’s just chatting then it’s a qwucik way to find out if you wants more.

While seducing her and making her come home with you, these are the only two places you can really touch without getting to far out your comfort zone.


Now really if you’re good at closing a girl then that’s 70% of the work done, if you’ve hit it off and it’s going well then the only thing on your mind is taking it to the next level and really trying your luck, this is where all the above really comes in and hopefully your talking, touching and eye contact will secure you in there. Remember that this will have gave you the power to atleast get her number and then get a date and close so even if it doesn’t work you can still win. – How to seduce a woman.


Ways to close.

Back to my place? 

This is probably the easiest way to close and it’s the one way that you just have to go in for, you can ask her if she’d like to go for a coffee back at yours and continue your awesome debates or conversation.  – If she say’s no then just say maybe some other time and you’ll most likely get a number.

Somewhere more quiet.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to close depending where you are is going somewhere with less people, if you’re on a date going on a walk and if you’re at a club then going outside this all will give you loads of opportunities to kiss and that’s where the shall we go back to mine comes in.

Speeding things up:

If you want to speed things up and know if she likes you then these are great ways:

I’ve got to go soon. 

If you say that and she’s like no don’t go or I was having such a good time with you, depending where you are this works and usually can speed up a kiss and help you get on with your night if not.


Just go in for a kiss and see what happens. this takes balls but if you’re wanting her and just want to see it’s the quickest way of just finding out what the deal is.


This was all to help you get her make to yours seduction is all down to closing and the only way to close is if you start talking and she likes you and you like her so keep in mind although this wasn’t a tip guide on how to make her wet, it’s more of how to get a girl that you like and both get on to come to bed with you. If you want sex tips go check out out other posts. – How to seduce a woman.

How to seduce a women

How to seduce a women

How to seduce a woman. – If you use these tips right you shouldn’t find it hard at all to close with a girl and get her to like you or more, remember to follow these tips clearly and never use them to hurt someone as that’s always wrong and doesn’t make you a bigger man, makes you a smaller one. Me the man you want to be and would be proud of. – Ask us if you need any advice or if you want to give advice then please do, just use the comments. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How to seduce a woman.

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