How To Send The Perfect Nude

How To Send The Perfect Nude

How To Send The Perfect Nude 

Sending the perfect nude takes skill and there’s always some really important things you should think about, like how will see it, and how to make it so It can’t be used against me! Stuff like that will really help take the pressure off sending a naked picture. So we will teach you all that and more. Nude are really fun and great when you have a long distance relationship, they’re a great way to keep on top of things and make the partner want you even more. – Hit them sexy share buttons below if you enjoyed this post. – Comment if you want more advice. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Send The Perfect Nude

Taking the picture

Okay when taking a nude it’s better for it to be far away from your body, close ups never look as good.

Just balance it on a wall and add a timer, then pose and get a few different angles.

If you’re a boy it’s easier to do this as you really only have a few positions to try, just take 20 or 30 and see which one does you the best.

A great way to look good is instead of using a camera use the video, you can really pick the moment and get a few good pictures from one video. – How To Send The Perfect Nude.


You need to make sure you’ve got good light, turn all the lights on and make your room as light as possible, lighting is the key to a good picture, Natural light is bad so just use lights if your house.  This will make you look better and help you take the best picture.


Black and white, that’s always the way to go when sending a nude, make sure you add black and white, it will make it even harder to see it’s you and if you do it black and white you’ll also look hotter and get rid of little imperfections.

A bit of light editing is always good. But, making your penis 2 x bigger might be a bad idea.


If you’re a guy then you can take a shot of your abs or body and just make it look hot, this will get you more luck than a dick pic, dicks are not very good looking so in honesty why would you want to have one sent to you? It’s better to avoid the dick pics and use hot body pics.

Same for you ladies, a man would rather have a picture of you in your bra looking all sexy, that means more to both of you. So it’s best to just stick to sexy instead of going all out and making the pictures as rude as possible.

How to not get it leaked.

Before we start there’s some safety measures that you should take before you send a picture, one to stop them leaking it and two to stop people knowing it’s you. – This is How To Send The Perfect Nude.

 Face or no face?

If you’re sending a first time nude then you’ll want to miss out the face. Whether you’re a man or women you really don’t want to have a leaked picture and the easiest way to avoid this is by sending one just of your body without your face.


When taking a nude shot make sure the first few only have your body and no surrounding objects that can be linked back to you. This could hurt your life so make sure you do it in a place that you can easily deny.


Do you know the person you’re sending this too? Well if you do then have a think about what they’re capable of! Some men and women will show their friends and then their friends will leak your picture. So have a good think about what friends they have and don’t trust everyone. – How To Send The Perfect Nude .

Tell them not to show anyone the image or ever leak it. 

This will mean if they leak the picture you’ll be able to take action against them and sue them for damages, this is a good idea if you’re taking a risk.


If it’s your partner and they want a hot sex picture before they go somewhere then a great way of doing one is to take one together, no faces just hot, that will keep you both in a good moment and will help you reduce the chance of him/her posting it.

Try and make it as close as possible so they can’t croop themselves out.

Both send nudes.

Men will usually send nudes first, it’s just the way we’re built, so if that’s the case then try to get one back, if you both send nudes then you’ll both have as much power and that will stop it.

How To Send The Perfect Nude

How To Send The Perfect Nude

How To Send The Perfect Nude  – So remember them rules and don’t let your face be in the picture, not unless you’re sure! It can be a really bad way to go and it can just really mees life up. Sex pictures are awesome but just make sure you get one back of him too!:D It’s always a good plan and will always do you good. – Hit them share buttons below as it helps us keep going. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog

How To Send The Perfect Nude 

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