How to spice sex up for people 40 plus

How to spice sex up for people 40 plus

How to spice sex up for people 40 plus.

How to spice sex up for people 40 plus. – We all hit a dry spell of sex when we reach a certain age, sometimes it can just feel like you’ve tried everything there is to try and sex is more of a choir or a thing to do than an enjoyable experience. Well today we’re here to talk about how to add that spice right back into your sex life, with some fantasy advice, sex toys, talking, and tips. Hopefully this will help. – Comment below if you want any more help. – Mr Male Sex Toys blog.

How to spice sex up for people 40 plus

 Naughty weekend away.

We more than anybody know that in time sex can hit a little bit of a dry spell and it can affect the relationship, whether it’s her not being in the mood or him not being as excited but it usually on both parts is boredom of it all. Well a nice naughty weekend away is idea for the middle age couples who need to get sex back into their lives. Now this one costs money as the others on the list don’t but you can be assured that nice dinner, some flowers and a few naughty touches throughout the day will guarantee you a hot night. You don’t have to go far maybe 30 to 40 minutes away just stay in a hotel and get away from it all for a few nights. Plus you can be loud ;).

 Learn a few new things.

Now it doesn’t matter what age you are there’s always a thing or two to learn, so get ready for some sex book reading and get yourself up to scratch. Men usually need this more than women but women could always brush up on some new tips too. We have experienced sex lives being changed at an instant after they’ve been taken for a little class or read some books you just need to unlock that naughty side again and start trying new positions and new things like different types of oral sex and some little toys here and there.

Here’s an amazing book for guys: A To Z Sex Tip For Men – Be A Sex God.

And for girls you can use this as a way to really kickstart your sex: How to give him the best blowjob of his life.



I say this a lot to both young and old, it’s great to talk about how you feel, sometimes love gets lost and you just have to find it, as long as you trust and keep things together sex will come, you’ve just got to remember that sex is important whether you’re tired or have a headache it’s good to have sex as it keeps things fresh. So talk about what you want in the bedroom and bring up why things have been dry and maybe need spicing up. If you do this it should get you on the right track. – How to spice sex up for people 40 plus.

 How to spice sex up for people 40 plus


There’s loads of ways to get performance back, if it’s lack of erection then try a vibrating cock ring and if that doesn’t work there’s always penis pumps as they add size and make the penis much harder. Sometimes you’ve got to do these things to have great sex again, once it starts you don’t have to worry. A little tip for men is to get your partner some of this orgasm balm and maybe some lube, it will make her orgasm more frequently and that will make her want sex. – How to spice sex up for people 40 plus.


Being selfish.

A big sex killer in relationships is being selfish, women can be harder to finish off than men but if she’s never getting any of the fun soon she’ll get bored so it’s best to once a month have a day where it’s all about her and you do things like give her oral sex, maybe investing in a sex toy and pleasure her completely, this will get you some brownie points and make sex a lot better. Same goes for girls who don’t share and give back to the relationship, stuff has to be equal for it to work.


Sex can lower down with age, being the highest sex drive a man has it 18 to 22 and the highest a girl has is 30 to 34 so there the years where you need it the most, but after then you still need it and no matter whether kids get in the way or work you just need 20 to 30 minutes once or twice a week and you’ll be better people. – How to spice sex up for people 40 plus.

Solo play.

Now this is where women can sometimes go wrong, like men can reload quicker as women can’t so if you use a sex toy a lot or sort yourself out more than he does it can make your sex drive lower and make sex not as fun or as exciting as it was before. So just remember if you’re going to have solo play do it together and watch 😉 Change it and makes it a lot hotter. – How to spice sex up for people 40 plus.

 The Modern Kama Sutra

Get a position book.

The kama sutra is something that you both can have fun with, most people never fully learn each others bodies so take the time each week and try a new position and learn his/her body and try to mix things up maybe get a little more flexible or get a sex toy to help this can always make stuff a little more fun and as there’s sex positions that make him feel bigger and make her tighter it can really make sex fun again. – How to spice sex up for people 40 plus.

Buy the kama sutra here: Kama Sutra.

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How to spice sex up for people 40 plus. – It’s not so scary once you get going and really if you’re worried it’s a small price to pay buying a sex toy or letting him/her try out a fantasy they have. You’ve just got to have respect for everyone and do the stuff that you both love doing, you may have to reach some terms but if you follow all this you will be entering into a world of more intimate and fun sex. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How to spice sex up for people 40 plus.

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