How To Start Having Anal Sex With A New Partner

How To Start Having Anal Sex With A New Partner – It can sometimes be hard to find a way to tell your partner that you want anal sex, especially if you´ve just started going out. Sometimes it´s one of the things that men look for in women and it´s understandable if it´s one of the things you enjoy doing. So I´m going to teach you exactly how to ask your new partner for anal sex in the best possible way. This will make it easier for her to try it if she hasn´t before and will even make it so past experiences don´t put her off trying it again. – If you find this useful and get anal sex because of it then please share, just share it on sites like Digg, Tumblr and Reddit if you really want to help us. Comment below if you need any more advice at all. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Start Having Anal Sex With A New Partner

Get lube before you ask

If you´ve not ever had anal sex with your partner before then make sure before you ask that you´ve already got some anal lube, it seems to me that if they say yes that you want to jump straight in, if you leave it a few weeks then you´ll have to go through bring in it up again, so to save that happening just arrange a day that you want to try it and already have the anal lube ordered.
You really do need to have some sort of anal lube just so it doesn’t hurt and to make her want to try it again, you don’t want her to hate it because then it will never happen again.
My favourite anal lubrication is this anal lube it´s perfect for beginners and experts and it´s the best lube that you can buy.


Anal sex toys

It´s always good to have some anal sex toys, maybe sit down and buy some together, I recommend the anal sex toy below just because they work the best for me personally.
Just buy one or two little toys to try, it will make the anal sex a lot more fun and will make it more enjoyable.
If she enjoy it then the chances of you being able to do it more go up through the roof.


Anal beads

So anal beads are a great place to start while you´re just starting out, you can get a cheap pair of anal beads for about 12 dollars, the ones there will be perfect for a girls who´s just starting out.
They´ll also make pleasure so much better, trust me when I say that anal beads are really fun to use, just pull them out slowly when she´s about to have an orgasm. – How To Start Having Anal Sex With A New Partner.


Butt plugs

Butt plugs are my favourite right now, getting a small butt plug is probably the easiest way to start of anal play. They´re very easy to use and are very simple to get going with, all you need to do is just get a nice small one and surprise her with it, you might get a very bad look at first but after you´ll be able to talk her into it.



Communication is always the key when it comes to asking for anal sex, sometimes people just don´t know how to say you can have it so if you ask and explain that you just want to try it and that it will mean a lot to you, then you should hopefully come to some sort of understanding.


Fantasy talk

Start talking about each-others fantasies, it´s a great way to bring up how much you want to try anal sex, this is the perfect moment to ask and it will make it a lot easier for her to say yes, you can even try one of her fantasies so you´re both happy.


Bath together

Having a bath together and just having a cheeky feel is a great way to start having anal sex, you really don´t need to worry about anything else and if you get told off then you can just explain while you where trying and what you would like to do.


Fingers first

Always fingers first, you should always do fingers for a few weeks and then maybe start with the penis after a month, anal sex you cannot rush and if you do rush it then you´ll never get it again. So make sure you take your time and try fingers first. – How To Start Having Anal Sex With A New Partner.



Make sure she´s relaxed, don´t ask for anal sex or start talking about it on a day where you know you´ll get a no, this just won´t work and that´s why you shouldn´t bother.


Try it while giving oral sex

Give a little oral sex and start lightly touching this is a good way to make her happy and it will usually result in her letting you have a little play. Just stay on the outside and try not to go in, it just doesn´t do much good if you go in, she will most likely stop you and tell you off a little bit.


Get her really wet with foreplay

it´s always a good idea to try and make her orgasm before you try, if she´s really horny then there´s a lot more chance of her letting you have a feel and maybe even a cheeky finger, so make sure you really get her worked up.


How To Start Having Anal Sex With A New Partner

How To Start Having Anal Sex With A New Partner


How To Start Having Anal Sex With A New Partner – It really does take to long to get anal sex off a partner who you´ve just started having sex with, it´s really simple and you just have to follow the advice that I gave you above, if you do then you´ll be having anal sex in no time. It will sometimes take a little longer and you do need to respect your partner a lot. – Remember to share and comment below. Mr Male Sex Toys.

How To Start Having Anal Sex With A New Partner

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