How To Stay A Player In The Sex Game

How To Stay A Player In The Sex Game

How To Stay A Player In The Sex Game – If you’ve played in the game of sex then you’ll probably understand that it can sometimes be fun. But that being said it’s sometimes extremely hard to stay in the game. Something they always forget to mention in movies like Alfie, Spread, Ect. Is that you constantly fall in love and people constantly fall in love with you. This makes it hard to be a player that’s also a good person. I’m going to teach you how to be as nice as possible and still stay in the player game. – Sharing is caring, so once you find out how please be sure to share. – Comment below for more information on this.- Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Stay A Player In The Sex Game


#1. Don’t Put Labels On People

Look if a person is having sex with you then the last thing you want to do is put a lable on it, of any kind. Even friends with benefits or no strings sex doesn’t work. If you want to be a player you need to avoid these situations, they never work and are completely pointless. If you’ve ever tried being in a labled partnership then you’ll know it just doesn’t work and someone always gets hurt. There’s just no thing as being f**k buddies and it’s stupid to think that there is. The only time this works is if it’s by accident, if it gets labled then it’s because one of you is falling in too deep.


#2. Make It Clear What You Want 

Look there’s no harm in being clear, if you do enjoy having sex more than once with people then you just need to be clear about who and what you are. Tell them that you’re not into settling down and you’re not going to pretend you are, explain that you’ll not be their for them and it really is just about the sex. If you’re that honest and they still go ahead with it then as long as you don’t play with their heart you’ll be fine.


#3. Don’t Add People On Social Media

As fun as it may seem talking to five people at once over Facebook it’s a bad idea, people are weird and as you’re just looking to have sex the last with you want to do is let someone know where you work, where you live, who you hang round with etc. If you’re sleeping with multiple people this is just asking for disaster and a very awkward sometimes life changing amount of problems.

If you’ve ever had a person who doesn’t get the hint then that’s where this protection will help you out, it’s very harsh but if you’re serious about sleeping around you’ll want to do it properly.


#4. Loneliness Will Make You Want To Quit

Some people are just not cut out for it, if that’s you then you need to understand that there’s no harm in settling down. But don’t lead people on just because you’re lonely. If you have sex with someone and disclose yourself then once you stop seeing them they have no reason to not like you and niether do their friends. If you play them on thats when you get enemies. May sound fun, but there’s some seriously crazy people in this world and you never know who you’re messing with, so be careful when it comes to leading people on, the last thing you want is her friends showing up for a talk or just as a cock block.


#5. Avoid Pretending You Want More

This is where all players go wrong, they pretend to people that they have a future, this is too much and makes it hard for you to go and enjoy yourself. There is a point where you’ll start feeling bad and things just won’t work.


#6. Have Sex Out Of Town

If you’re really clever then you’ll avoid doing it in your town, by going to a different town you’ll stop yourself having problems. You keep from shitting on your door step and you’ll become a lot better at playing. Also your bad performances won’ hunt you down as much.


#7. Be Kind, Respectful And Wear Protection

Players alwyas think they’ve got to be dicks, it’s actually the other way round. You need to be respectful and make sure you respect the, also be kind, there’s no need to hurt someone, you can cause a lot of damage to someone with this game and it doesn’t hit you till your older and you releise what youmay have done to people. Also remember to wear a condom. Don’t want to be an out break monkey.


#8. Stay Out Of Friends Relationships

Always keep your nose out of relationships that your friends are in. I don’t care how hot, easy or wanting she/he is of you. If you make this commitment then you’ll very quickly have no friends, no trust and people will start hating you. This is the quickest way to lose all your real friends. The only people around you will be fake and as soon as they get a partner they won’t trust you. You don’t want to be the person people don’t invite out because someones bringing their partner and doesn’t want you to meet them.


#9. In Fact Stay Out Of All Relationship

You will also do yourself a favour staying out of all relationships. There’s loads of single people and people in a relationship really don’t need you butting in. Also you never know who the partner is, People can mess your life up too, so avoid messing with peoples.


#10. Keep Yourself Safe, Remember There’s Some Crazy People Out There

Look if you follow this advice you’ll be able to be a player with a clean name that doesn’t have a death wish ad an STD. Keep yourself to yourself and be so careful about dodgy people, there’s a lot of them out there.

How To Stay A Player In The Sex Game

How To Stay A Player In The Sex Game

How To Stay A Player In The Sex Game – So it’s time to start doing something amazing and this is it, just follow this and you’ll be able to have sex without having to commit. Just be sure to lay your cards down and be careful to not catch anything. – Sharing is caring, so please remember to share. – Comment below if you’ve got anything to add. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Stay A Player In The Sex Game

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