How To Stop Sex Disappearing In A Relationship

How To Stop Sex Disappearing In A Relationship

How To Stop Sex Disappearing In A Relationship – We all know that once you get serious and a few years go by it can sometimes seem like the sex disappears out of your life. This is common and happens to most couples. Some people think the only way to get the sex back is to cheat or do something so crazy that it risks breaking up the relationship. These answers are both wrong and that’s why I’m going to take time to explain to you what you need to do in a relationship to really make the most of sex. -Sharing is out of this world, so make my day by sharing. – Comment if you’ve got anything to add to this article. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

 How To Stop Sex Disappearing In A Relationship

#1. Have It More Without Thinking

If you’re worried about sex stopping then just start having it more, there’s no need to stop. When you give up on your sex life that’s when the sex gets boring and becomes pointless. So if you’ve given up then you need to snap out of it. Remember that if you want a healthy relationship you need to be open with each other and be happy to do things for each other. So, stop thinking and start doing. It’s always the way to do it. Get the sex happening and start enjoying it a lot more.


#2. Get Yourself Fit And Back In Shape

If you have a nice body or even just fitness it can make the sex a lot more enjoyable and no I don’t mean you have to be a muscle man/girl, but by training you’ll gain confidence that way you don’t have the awkwardness of getting your body out in front of your partner or the person you’re having sex with. That’s usually the most awkward part of having sex with someone, it’s the look at each others body part that really is awkward. So by being confident you’ll feel great. It doesn’t take too long, you’ve just got to go for it and not stop.


#3. Eat Healthy Food That’ll Heighten Your Sex Drives

Start eating more foods that are good for your sex life. Things like vegetables, fruit and honey, these things will make your sex life better. It sounds silly, but by eating high energy food you’ll start having better sex without even meaning too. Just give it a try. There are loads of articles on what to eat to get more sexual.

This will give you a higher sex drive and make the sex more enjoyable, give it a try to see what you think for yourself.


#4. Start Challenging Yourself In A Sexual Way

Challenges can sometimes make things more fun. There’s no harm in adding some challenges into your sex life, you can do this with ease just start creating a list of things you want to try out in the bedroom. After that’s been done you’ll need to make the challenges harder, keep doing this until your sex life feels more on track.


#5.Find Out Your Fantasy

Everyone has a sexual fantasy and your new job should be to find it. You may find it by looking at porn or by talking to your partner about it. Just be more open and find out what it is that makes both you and your partner tick. Even if it’s something really naughty like having a threesome with two women or two men it doesn’t matter. Just talk about it and then once you have you can find a way to simulate it with each other.


#6. Try Something New, Mutual Masturbation, Porn Watching, Anal Play? 

Why don’t you start by trying something extra naughty? Like mutual masturbation, just get some sex toys and watch each other getting off, it’s exciting, you get to see how they do it and that way you’ll both get the enjoyment of finishing.You can also watch porn together in that’s what gets you going, just give it a try to see what you think for yourself. If you’re really daring then you could even try anal play.


#7. Get A Great Sex Toy

Why don’t you invest in a sex toy? There are loads to choose from. You can get a male masturbator if you’re a man or a bullet vibrator if you’re a female, even get a vibrating cock ring that way you can both get benefits from using it. These are amazing and if you want great sex these really are all you need. You can use them to masturbate more or you can use them to unlock new parts of couple sex. Give one a try to see what benefits it may have in your sex life.


#8. Put More Effort Into Sexy

Just because you may have been dating for a while it doesn’t mean you need to forget the sex, no. You need to think more about sexy, whether you’re a guy or girl you can make yourself feel and act more sexy with a few simple tips. Get clean and make yourself look nice, do nails and brush teeth. Then get some sexy underwear, works for men and women, then have a nice dinner and bring some romance into your sex life.


#9. Sex Games

Get a sex game, sex games are amazing and loads of fun, just try them out and see what you think about it all. Sex games are a great way to open yourself up to new pleasure and it’s a great way to do things you’d never normally think about.


#10. Don’t Forget The Power Of Sex In A Relationship

Look you need to understand that it’s important to have a sex life. It makes the love stronger and can make the world a more exciting and fun place. See for yourself and give it a try.

How To Stop Sex Disappearing In A Relationship

How To Stop Sex Disappearing In A Relationship


How To Stop Sex Disappearing In A Relationship – It can sometimes be hard to get the sex back, but trust us when we say it’s worth your time to try some of the things above. – Sharing is caring, if you enjoyed please share. – Comments are always welcomed, so please be sure to comment. I love to hear what you’ve got to say. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Stop Sex Disappearing In A Relationship

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