How To Talk A Girl Into Bed

How To Talk A Girl Into Bed

How To Talk A Girl Into Bed – If you’re a smooth talker you’ll be surprised how easier it is to meet women, it’s one of the main things that you’ll need to work on to be able to understand the art of meeting women. Once you read this you will have to start acting, once you start acting you’ll find that you’re unstoppable, confidence is important and it’s something you’ll gain almost immediately if you use these tips. You really can talk a girl into bed once you learn how, so make sure you study this article and work hard, you’ll be surprised at how easy it really is to do something like this. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Talk A Girl Into Bed

 Be true to your word

Don’t lie, if you lie your confidence will go lower and your self esteem will drop, tell the truth and you’ll carry yourself better, it helps to be out in a few social situations before you go out, it’s a fact that the more you’re outside and with people the more social you’ll become and the easier it will be to talk to people, if you hide away you’ll find it hard to get the confidence to talk and be heard. So make sure you’re true to your word and try to speak out a little more.


Focus on her

Focus, if she’s with you then make sure you give her 100% of you, don’t be keen, just show her that you listen and you don’t care about anyone else when you’re are talking to someone. This is a good personality trait and it will put you above the rest, just give your time and make sure she pays attention to you, you want to be her plan ‘A’ and not her plan ‘B’ so make sure you put in the focus.


Don’t agree with everything she says

If you agree with someone the conversation becomes faded, people don’t remember someone with the same views as them, they remember people who make a big difference in the conversation. Have you ever spoke to someone for 15 seconds but after that you’re still left thinking about them and even now you remember what she said?

Well that’s because they did something different imagine if you will this straight like ——————————- that’s a normal convo, now when you add negative and positive thoughts to it it goes like this _____——- AAAAA. There’s now a difference, then differences are what people remember.


Ask questions

Asking questions like where are you from and then take a tip from above and put down where they’re from, this will help them defend it and that will create a difference that they’ll remember, then disagree again, after that agree and that agree will be that bit of positivity they need to push them to the next bit.


Look her in the eyes

You’ll need to look her in the eyes, it will help you engage in conversation, to an lock from her eyes, don’t be creepy but just be interested, still move your body normally, just keep her eye contact and don’t let it stop until you’ve got her listening, even then make sure you keep it going.


Be honest and just say what comes to your mind

Okay, honest is important, you need to be honest and say what comes to mind, even if it’s really bad and not going to work as a pick up she’ll be able to see it’s real and it will mean more, this method takes time to learn, but once you do you’re about to go great things with it.

So after you’ve said what comes to mind just make sure tat she’s still talking, if she’s not then you need a reaction, say something thought provoking, something that won’t offend, but they will have a view on.


Remember the conversation and bring it up again 

It doesn’t hurt to remember the conversation that you’re having and bring it up, if she mentions something then later on just bring it up and ask her questions about it, still don’t agree to everything she says, if you do that then the conversation will be forgotten and will fade away.

This is all the advice you’ll need to talk a girl into bed, You’d be surprised how well this works when it’s done properly, just make sure you practice talking, go out today and talk to a new person, it will really help you gain confidence.


How To Talk A Girl Into Bed

How To Talk A Girl Into Bed



How To Talk A Girl Into Bed – So you ready to start putting your skills to good use? Well if you are then there’s no better time than now, Go and try talking to some people, make conversation and see how it goes, you’ll have to do it a few times before it works for you, just make sure you stay focused and don’t give up. – Sharing is amazing, we love to see you all share so please share and we will help you out. – Comment below if you’ve got anything to add to this article.

How To Talk A Girl Into Bed

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