How to talk dirty

How to talk dirty

How to talk dirty.

How to talk dirty. – This will help you get more sex and make her orgasm more. You need to earn the golden rule of how to talk dirty, this takes some men forever to learn so we’ve speed up the process and are going to teach you as quick as we can, this will help you be better in bed and have more of a naughty time. – Comments are below so share your experience with us. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog. How to talk dirty


You always need to start gentle and make your way up, sometimes talking dirty can be a dangerous game and make you say things that just sound wrong. – This is a good place to start on How to talk dirty, comment your experience.

Starting light say something like.

  • I want you right now!
  • You’re making me hard. 
  • Whisper, I’ve wanted you all day.
  • You’re so sexy.

Start like that. Being sexy and giving her compliments that will make her happy and want you, compliment her on things like her body, her outfit, hair, make up, anything and do it in a naughty way.


Telling her.

Tell her about the times that you’ve had sex in the past, hot times where you both climaxed or when you did something naughty. This usually will get both guys and girls bad and make sex even better. Ask her about the time you first had sex or how it felt when she climaxed that time, this will raise her sex drive and get her thinking naughty things that will make you even better at dirty talking. – How to talk dirty.

Bedroom talk.

This is for when you’re going to have sex and want to make her wet. You need to tell her exactly what you’re going to do to her, from start to finish and don’t miss out anything.

How to talk dirty in gentle mood.

I’m going to lightly pull your jeans down and start kissing up your thighs, nice and slow. Then I’m going to come up to your neck, You’ll feel my warm breath tingling over you and I’m going to gently kiss you.

If she’s in a rough mood then you can say.

I want to rip off your clothes, lay you down on the bed kiss all over you body! Warm you up and then wrap your legs around me as I fuck you.

 This is a little risky and you’ll have to change the words around to suit your partner.

How to talk dirty with a text message. 

This is a very good way to get a girl ready for a night of fun. Give her a text and tell her something sexy.

  • I’m hard just thinking about tonight.
  • Be naked in bed when I get home. 
  • Do I have to wait till tonight to have you? 
  • All I can think about is what I’m going to do to you tonight. 

You can mix these texts up, sometimes if she bits onto it you can add some spice to these texts and tell her what you’re going to do to her tonight. Even tell her what you’ve got planned.

Knowing her.

You need to understand what makes her tick. Girls have a much easier job than guys as all a girl needs to say is: I’m in the bed naked and wet just thinking about how I’m going to have sex with you tonight. Or I’m just walking round the house with no underwear on thinking about you, I’m wearing a little dress ready for you to lift me up and f#$k me. That is naughty stuff but all men get a little turned on knowing there’s a women there who wants us.

Women are a lot different, if you use naughty words they get bad but if you use swear words it can completely kill the moment sometimes, you always need to know what mood they’re in before you try to go in for the kill.

A nice text like the ones above is always good to see where you stand and what she wants from the day, sometimes girls want you to take control and tell them what to do, other times they want you to just be caring and talk about how hot they look and how you want to kiss their neck and lightly touch their skin with your hands.

Once you figure out what mood she’s in the next bit is very easy and won’t take you any time.


This is the How to talk dirty. – Did you enjoy? It really will help her get wet and make her want sex. Women love talking dirty or hearing it and it’s one of the quickest ways to get her in to bed. If done right ofcourse. So instead of practicing some moves you’ll never use you’re better off cracking the art of dirty talking. – Comments are below, tell us what you think and share your advice, tell us how you talk dirty to women. – Sharing helps support us so make sure you hit them share buttons below and share the word of mr sex. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

How to talk dirty.

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