How to tell if she wants to date you.

How to tell if she wants to date you.

 How to tell if she wants to date you.

How to tell if she wants to date you. – After starting this blog we kept getting asked about how to get a girl to like you and how to tell if she likes you, so following suit we decided to tell you exactly how to tell if a girl likes you and wants to go on a date. We hopefully run through everything you need to know and there’s going to be some tips and advice here and there that should go a long way. – Remember to share as it makes us smile. – Comments are below for more help. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.  How to tell if she wants to date you.

 Eye contact.

One of the best ways to start telling someone you like them is to give a little eye contact, if she does some eye contact back and you have a little stare off for a few seconds that usually means she likes you, you do need to understand that if you stare at her and she doesn’t stair back to maybe stop staring and this can also just be her being polit. But you can use this anywhere, if a girl is giving you strong eye contact and talking to you this usually means that she likes you, as if she didn’t she would most likely be looking at the door, time, or friends. –  How to tell if she wants to date you.


This is true and will be forever, you know a girl likes you when she laughs at everything you say, sometimes you get a real laugh other times it will just be a normal laugh that won’t really happen but it will be more of an excited laugh. This is also true for psychology when there’s a room full of people laughing, look at who looks at you, because the person who stares at you while people are laughing/their laughing is the person who feels closest to you in that room. Can be a good way of seeing who your close mates in the group too.


Usually you’ll know if a girl likes you and wants to date you just by the way she talks to you, if she gives you time, asks questions and is interested then you’ll have no problem getting a date out of her. Remember there’s a thin line between being polite and flirting, make sure that she’s not just being nice, ask her about things she likes and see if she asks the same stuff back, you need to have a convo with her and make sure you’re polite and then see how she reacts when you go, if she looks back and smiles that usually means she’s game if she’s already made her way out of there that’s usually a bad sign. –  How to tell if she wants to date you.


If she texts you often it’s one of the biggest giveaways, as long as you’ve not been friend zoned than you should be good, just keep things ticking and see if she matches your kisses, this seems a little childish, but I’ve seen 40-year-old men doing it with their new girlfriends so I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have an age. Try to limit the games down, but you need to remember to not be too keen at the beginning, this will make you more vulnerable and you’ll probably end up getting hurt.


This is an obvious one, just check her out, give her complements and if she gives them back usually that means she’s interested, don’t seem to keen as we’ve said above but just say you look hot or something like your hair looks really nice, have you changed it? Just see if she gets all shy and you’ll have no problem telling, just from that you’ll see if she likes you and wants a date. –  How to tell if she wants to date you.


This can be a little hard to see but if you’re sitting down and she’s going close to you and you feel her more near you this is usually a sign, it’s true that love brings us closer together so when you have lust for someone you usually unconsciously try to bring your body closer to there’s this works while talking, while working and while sitting.


Sometimes girls will drop hints that no man will understand about dating, sometimes it can be as simple as I’ve got nowhere to go this weekend, or what you doing this weekend you free, we see that as she’s asking us what we’re doing and maybe wants to meet, they see that as an opening to ask her out to dinner or round your house. Sometimes it can be less obvious and sometimes more just be ready for hints. –  How to tell if she wants to date you.

Dress up.

Girls will usually make way much more effort if they fancy a guy and this can be from dressing nicely to always having their hair done, this may just be the normal to you but girls don’t always make that much of an effort.


Sometimes the girl can just be shy, it doesn’t matter what age you are sometimes people can be shy and that’s usually a sign that they like you, so keep an eye out for shyness and maybe if you speak a little time talking you’ll unlock her and have loads in common and get on really well. Worth sticking out for and you’d be surprised how many people act more shy about boys when they’re with their friends. –  How to tell if she wants to date you.


How to tell if she wants to date you. – Some of these tips will work with any women any age, most of us will need a push in the right direction sometimes so this should help you all. Make sure that you keep an eye out for these signs and you should have no problem. – Sharing is caring so please share b hitting the buttons below. – Comment is you’ve got more advice or have a questions. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

 How to tell if she wants to date you.

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