How To Tell If Shes A Gold Digger

How To Tell If Shes A Gold Digger

How To Tell If Shes A Gold Digger – Is she only there because of the money or the things you have? This is something that’s becoming ever so popular and it’s really hard to tell, women are getting with men because their bank balance and sometimes just because of their job and even what they’ve got, this ranges from cars, houses and even in the work place. I’ve dealt with this a lot, so as long as you’ve got a few minutes I’m going to teach you what you need to look for in women to see if she’s only there because of your money. This will also help you avoid future mistakes with gold diggers, trust us when we say it’s important tat you catch this early. – If you want to help us out then please share as much as possible. – Comment below for more advice or tips on this. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Tell If Shes A Gold Digger


#1. Does She Ever Offer To Pay

As a man you should usually pay for dinner the first few times you go out, but if she’s never offered at all then there’s something wrong. Most women will offer to pay the bill, then if they’re not gold diggers at all they’ll offer to pay their half. Now course as a man you’ll pay, but when a women does this it will ease your mind, because usually they’re not after your mony.

It’s when she expects you to pay before you’ve even said anything about paying. Most women will allow you to pay, but the ones who just expect are the ones you seriously need to keep a close eye on.


#2. Does She Expect You To Buy Things

I’ve never been with any women who wasn’t a gold digger who expected me to buy them gifts. If a women so much as asks me to buy hr something before a few months of being together I’ll get ride of her. I’m a generous person so I’ll usually give my partner lots of little treats while we’re courting,, but if they ever asking for anything and it’s not their birthday then they’re out the door. I’ve learnt from past mistakes that you should never buy anything but food and entertainment while you’re wooing a female.


#3. Has She Ever Asked For A Gift

As I mentioned above, has she ever asked or expected a gift? If she has then I have bad news for you… She only wants you for one thing that thing isn’t your penis. You have to ask yourself if you want to have a partner who wants you just because of your money. Sometimes gold diggers don’t even care if you’re rich and that’s a problem because if you’re just a normal guy you really don’t need to be spending money on her life style.


#4. Would She Be Annoyed If You Got Her A Little Gift For Her Birthday

A simple question I always ask my clints is “would she be happy with a little gift”. For example, if it was her bday would she be happy if you got her a small gift? Honestly? Because if she wouldn’t then you really need to think about your relationship. A good women will just want you to spend time with them, maybe take them to dinner and get a card, but anything else and the alarm bells will continue going.

This method works better on new relationships.


#5. Could You See Her With You Without The Money

If you lost everything tomorrow would she still be with you? Have you ever asked this question? Well you should never ask a girl this because it’ll warn her that you know her game and obviously she’s going to say “yes, course I’d still be with you”, you’ve just got to go with your gut and really think about his question.


#6. Are Her Ex Partners A Different Look To You

A big red flag is if her past lovers are all 6.5 ft tall, body builders and you’re a 5.5 ft guy with a skinny build. Women don’t just change their type, so if you see this to be the case then you need to word up about it. It’s always the way and is one of the quickest ways to see her motives so keep an eye out for it and see what you think.


#7. Do You Lust Over Each Other

Does she want se and ask you for sex without you saying a word. At the start of relationships people who lust for each other will go nuts over the sex, every relationship usually has a time where you have sex daily and both can’t leave your hands off each other.

If this is the case then there’s a chance that she really does like you. If however you always have to ask and come onto her then she’s leading you on. This is usually what men go through after a few years of marriage not at the beginning of the relationship.


#8. What Do Your Friends Think

You can always ask a bro, if you’ve got good friends around you then you can always ask one of them and get their opinion on the situation and what you should do. I usually try my best to ask my family and the friends closest to me, because sometimes jealous people will lead you off the wrong way just so they can try their luck with her. This happens a lot these days and that’s why you should avoid it.






How To Tell If Shes A Gold Digger

How To Tell If Shes A Gold Digger

How To Tell If Shes A Gold Digger – Gold digging isn’t nice and that’s why even though it might seem like she’s there for you, you may need to be careful. Men also gold dig, but it’s more popular with women, so be sure to be careful. – If you want to say thanks then please hit the share buttons. – Comment below for more advice on this. Also add your own advice. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Tell If Shes A Gold Digger

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