How To Tell If Your Woman’s Guy Friend Is A Threat

How To Tell If Your Woman's Guy Friend Is A Threat

How To Tell If Your Woman’s Guy Friend Is A Threat – I think most men have been at a point where their partner has a guy friend and you’re never sure if he’s just there because he wants to get with your partner and you’re also not sure if he’s been friend zoned and is trying to work his way out of there. Well it’s really simple, I’m going to give you advice that will hopefully help you understand if he’s a threat and what you need to worry about, also I’m going to teach you how to play the same game, this will lower the blow and give you some extra power in the relationship. – If you find this advice useful please share. – Comment if you need a bro to talk to, always around to have a chat. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Tell If Your Woman's Guy Friend Is A Threat


#1. Does She Spend More Time With Him Than You

If she spends more time with him than with you then there’s a problem. I’ve been in a few relationships where this has been the case and the truth is that if it was the other way around then it would be a completely different story. In my experience men and women can’t just be friends, one always gets feelings, now I’m not saying that them feelings mean something has to happen, no. It’s usually a man gets feelings and then gets friend zoned but has spent so long trying to get her he just keeps being her friend.

The problem with this is that it’s only a matter of time before you guys have an argument and she goes running into his arms (doesn’t always happen).

#2. Do They Have Secrets

If they share secrets that you don’t know about or are private for your relationship only then this is another red flag. The last thing you want is her being more close with him than she is with you. This is going to lead to big problems. Why you may ask? Well say you have an argument and she goes and tells him what you’ve done then he has the power to make you look like a complete dick head, IE he’ll do the old “I’d never do that”, “how could he do that to you” That old school bull shit that makes me feel sick…


#3. If Something Big Happened Would She Tell Him

If somethings big in her life happened would he know first? Or would he know just shortly after you? If either of these then you may have another red flag. If they’re really good friends then this can be normal, but I’ve never seen a man and women that close who aren’t brother or sister or fucking.


#4. Has He Got A Partner

This is a big deal, if he’s got a partner then some of the pressure is off, but be careful because then you’ve got another problem… The thrilling sex problem, this is something that both men and women get off on. This is where two people in a relationship cheat in order to have thrilling sex and because they’re both in a relationship they can trust the other not to say anything. This is unlikely though.


#5. Does She Get Jealous

The most jealous people in this world are the ones who do or have done naughty things before. IF she gets really jealous about you having a girl friend then that’s usually because she knows what happens when you get a girl whose a friend. Again not always the way it is, but it’s something to think about.


#6. What Is Your Gut Telling You

Guts are usually right, it’s very rare that a gut isn’t wrong. If you get the feeling that somethings going on then you’ll probably be right, sometimes it’s just your mind playing tricks, but if it’s more than that then you’ll most likely be right. Listen to yourself.


#7. Take A Look At Their Texts (:O)

This is naughty, but you’ll find out everything you need to know by looking at her texts, it’s pretty simple and you won’t have to over think it. Also keep a look at for her caddie a password to her phone, taking her phone with her everywhere and her getting weird when you ask to use it to check your emails or use the internet.


#8. Do They Use ‘X’ ‘<3’ Or Sexual Emojis? 

I’m sorry but there’s no need to use sexual emojis in any way. If she’s sending loads of kisses or a heart every now and then I’d be seriously worried about it. Keep that in mind and be sure to be careful about it.


#9. Ask Around, Have They Ever Done Anything Before

There’s no harm in looking into their past, people can’t lie, usually when you ask people they’ll tell you and if they don’t then you’ll be able to see it in their eyes. So ask some people if they’ve got history. f they have then that’s the real last red flag that you need to see.


#10. Don’t Panic, Remember People Are Different 

Sometimes men and women are just really good friends, but personally I’ve never been great friends with an attractive girl. Let’s face it, most men aren’t friends with girls who’re hot and if he’s a little ugly then he’s probably been trying for a while and if his really hot then it’s probably your partner who’s been trying for ages.

How To Tell If Your Womans Guy Friend Is A Threat

How To Tell If Your Womans Guy Friend Is A Threat

How To Tell If Your Woman’s Guy Friend Is A Threat – It’s sad that we live in a world where people will do anything to destroy relationships just because their little amount of lust. Well you need to understand one thing, the hate you feel for someone you don’t even know is all in the head, the heart has nothing to do with it. – Sharing is caring, so please be amazing and share. – Feel free to comment below and have a chat with me. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Tell If Your Womans Guy Friend Is A Threat

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