How to touch a vagina for the first time!

How to touch a vagina for the first time!

How to touch a vagina for the first time

Do you want to be a sex god? Well having sex gets easier once you try it and it can be extremely hard the first few times. I’m going to teach you how to touch and stimulate a vagina for the first time. This should make sex a lot more fun and stop you making bad decisions that will end up in her not wanting sex. So just follow these rules and remember to be really gentle and take as much time as you need. – Comments are below if you’ve got any questions or need any help. – Sharing is caring so please remember to share as much as you can. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog

How to touch a vagina for the first time!


Okay for starts you need to follow a few simple rules:

  • Cut and Fill Fingernails.
  • Be Gentle
  • Don’t Dig For Gold
  • Focus more on the clitoris.

These rules should help you have a better first time than most guys. After you’ve cut your fingernails you’ll be able to touch her without anything cutting or pinching her sensitive skin. I will teach you about the more important things now. We will go through patterns, techniques, tips, foreplay, and some other littles bits along the way.


You have a choice of a few patterns and you need to take your time and make sure you pick the right ones, it will change for every girl and you need to see how her body reacts. The two below are the best way to get her going so just follow these. – How to touch a vagina for the first time!


When fingering a girl you want to just stay on the clit, it’s the safest way to please and most women only orgasm through clitoral stimulation.

This is one of the best ways to get a girl to orgasm and it’s as simple as doing circles.

Part 1. Put your fingers on her clit, be gentle. Lightly start doing circles, this will stimulate her clit and very soon after you’ll start hearing her moaning. If you doesn’t after a few minutes then you should try the one below.

part 2. If she gets bored then reverse and go the other way, example: Clockwise to anti clockwise. This will get her back into the mood again and should help her climax. – How to touch a vagina for the first time.

Up and down.

This is less common but works just as good, it’s a good way to make a girl orgasm and can really be good if you’ve got some speed.

You just have to find her click and go up and down with one of your fingers, this will help her climax and is very easy to do and hard to get wrong.

Don’t rush it and you should be fine, it’s very easy to do and is great for beginners.


Okay before you try any of the things above you need to go for foreplay, this can be feeling her boob, neck, thighs, just about everything. If you do it right it will make her really bad. IT don’t take long to master and you just have to take time. Heres some tips:


Make sure you kiss for 10 minutes, touch her while you kiss and make sure you get her warmed up.


Touch just on her thighs and on her neck. Move around her body gently and make sure you don’t rush I can’t say that enough.

Don’t take ages but you really don’t want to go down there and have her not wet.


If you talk a little dirty and maybe tell her what you want to do to her and make her know you will do it. It will turn her on and really get her going.

Build up

Getting her wet shouldn’t be hard at the beginning, excitement and pleasure will make it happen a lot quicker and be a lot more hot. If you do it right it will be like your on fire.


Do it right the first time

One thing I’ve learnt from women is if you do it right the first time then you’ll do it right every time, she will re live what you did the first time and literally her mind will just make you out to be amazing.

Be gentle

I will say this loads as I think most men rush and don’t realize how sensitive the clitoris is. It really can hurt a girl to be rough down there.

Stay away from fingering

A cheeky finger won’t do you no hard but unless she looks like she really wants it don’t go right in with the fingers, it will feel good for her but it won’t do as much as the clit (some girls enjoy it more.)

Don’t jump into two fingers

If she’s really wet then this can work, if she’s not then just start with one finger and see how it goes. We would teach you more about fingering but you’ll learn very quickly that it’s always about the clit, even in penetration it will be able grinding on the clitoris.

Look at her body

Just look at her body and see how it feels for her. Just look at her body movements, she will moan or move a little if she’s enjoying it, which is always hot and it will point you in the right direction. You need to make sure you understand this as it will get you far.

How to touch a vagina for the first time! – This is the best advice on how to touch a vagina for first time and it will have hopefully taught you everything you need to know about pleasing a woman and her clit/vagina. If you need any more advice then just check our other posts out and see what you find. – Sharing is amazing so please remember to share. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

How to touch a vagina for the first time

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