How To Train Your Penis And Make It Bigger

How To Train Your Penis And Make It Bigger

How To Train Your Penis – If you want a bigger penis it\s never been easier than using this guide, I can show you how to train your penis to make it a lot bigger, this will help you get a bigger penis and keep it. I’m going to show you how to use a penis pump, how to do some penis exercises that will give you a big penis, how to use a cock ring and some other amazing tips that will make your penis a lot bigger and will make you maintain a bigger and harder erection. – Sharing is caring, so please hit the share buttons. – Comment if you’ve got anything else to add to this post.

How To Train Your Penis And Make It Bigger   

What you need to know

So, before you start training your penis you need to understand that it’s not instant, I’ll talk more about this below, it usually takes around 6 weeks to start getting permanent results, before that you’ll see size changes but it will go back to normal after a few days. So to make the most out of your time I’m going to teach you exactly what you need to do to start training properly. Let’s get started.


Penis Pumps

So the first thing you need to get yourself is a penis pump, go and treat yourself to a penis pump, this really will help you get a bigger penis. I have loads of penis pump advice, but I’ll re tell you now.


What penis pump do you get first

I usually recommend the people I talk to to go for a penis pump like this one first, after that I tell them they should go for a Bathmate, these penis pumps work really well and they’re a blast to use, you just fill with water, push downa and leave for 7 minutes, that’s how simple it is.

How long should you train for


Penis Pumps

You want to pump for around 5 to 8 minutes, then stop for 2 minutes and then do another two reps. You want to do a minimum of 15 minutes pumping and a max of around 25 minutes. Never pump for more than 10 minutes continuously.



These are a lot safer in my opinion and all you need to do is pump for around 6 minutes, release the water, rest for around 1 minute and then repeat 1 or 2 more times.   Do it 6 days a week and make sure you don’t miss days, you want to be consistent for your first few months, that’s if you want maximum gains.



So the next thing you can try is exercises, this is another simple way you can get a bigger penis and anyone can do it right now, you just need your hand and penis. Here’s a step by step guide:

  • Step 1) Get your penis semi erect, grip your penis with the ‘OK’ Sign.


  • Step 2) Now pull your penis away from your body, you should feel a light stretching sensation (it shouldn’t hurt at all)


  • Step 3) Go straight, left, right, rest for 10 seconds. Do each direction for 15 seconds before you change, repeat this 5 times.

That’s all that’s involved, do that a few times a day and you’ll start seeing gains in no time, I recommend doing this while you use a penis pump for the maximum gains.

Cock rings

So, cock rings? Yes cock rings, go and get this cock ring, it will give you a full erection that will help you get a bigger penis, they also will help you last longer in bed, all of these are great benefits that you can’t turn down, you really need to give cock rings a go. If you’re extra naughty you can even get a vibrating cock ring, this is an amazing way to get your partner to orgasm through penetration sex, sounds good right? They don’t cost much money and they will have such amazing effects, go and see what I’m talking about.


How to maximise gains

You should warm up before you use your penis pump, this will help you get bigger gains, you can do this with easy just do the exercises I talked about above, before you use your pump, this will help you get bigger gains. You can also eat more healthy food, this will also help your penis get bigger, just try eating more fruit, vegetables, things like honey and foods that boost sex drive. Another thing you can do is try running, losing weight will help you, so go on a few runs a week, it will really help you get into good shape.


6 to 12 weeks constantly

You can’t just give up, if you try any of the above you’ve got to keep going with it for the next few months, if you give up you’ll never see results, It usually takes around 6 weeks and I recommend doing it continuously for 16 weeks, that way you’ll get amazing gains and you’ll be able to see more permanent results. This will help you in a lot of ways. One last tip is to just start today, if you leave it till tomorrow then you’ll never start, you need to get going and make sure that you don’t stop, after 30 days it will be part of your routine and you’ll be able to start enjoying life more, even be more confident about your penis.

How To Train Your Penis And Make It Bigger

How To Train Your Penis And Make It Bigger


How To Train Your Penis – So you know have the power to give yourself a bigger penis, what you do now is up to you, I do recommend using this guide and really going for it, you can give yourself a bigger penis with no extra work, it really will help you get a better penis and it’s also great for your erectile health, so there’s loads of reasons to do this. – If you found this useful then make sure you hit the share button, I love to see everyone sharing. – If you need any help comment below.

How To Train Your Penis

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