How To Try Car Sex

How To Try Car Sex

How To Try Car Sex – Car sex…. Wow. For some people car sex is a constant sexual fantasy that they want noticed, it’s something about being in public and in the open that’s extremely hot, maybe it’s also the fact that someone could be watching, maybe even enjoying it from a stand point. Well no matter what the reason you want to try it is, I’m going to show you how a normal person just like you can go and try car sex, in a safe environment where you can really enjoy it. – I do have to say that this can get you in trouble, you shouldn’t do it in a public place and always have a plan of action, easy to put on clothes ;). – Sharing really is caring, so care loads ;). – If you’ve got anything to add then please use the comments below, comments are always welcome. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Try Car Sex


#1. Wear The Appropriate Clothing

There is such thing as appropriate car sex clothing. It’s simple, avoid jeans, wear lose easy to access cloths that can be taken off almost instantly, don’t dress for hotness, dress for easiness.

Car sex can be orgasmic and when you clothes barely have to come off to start it you’ll be amazed at what can happen.

Go and try this for yourself ad see where it takes you.


#2. Find A Nice Quiet Place, Beach In Winter, Slip Road, In A Forest

The next big key to orgasmic car sex is location. You don’t want to do it anywhere that’s busy, it’s to risky and will end in disaster, instead take your time and find the best location for the job. This could be a quite beach, in the woods, maybe a little slip road with no traffic, it could be anywhere.

You just have to take a chance and go for it. Just remember that in some countries it’s illegal so doing it in a public place is a bi no, no.


#3. If You’ve Got An Under Cover Garage Try It In There First

If you’ve got a garage that’s inside practice car sex inside their. That way you’ll test positions and get yourselves ready for when you go outside, this is something that really gets people excited.

This is just one of my sexual recommendations to try out, I know you’ll have loads of fun with it. Just start by taking the first steps.


#4. Get Lube, It Needs To Be Quick And Intense

You don’t always have time to get yourself ready while having car sex so get yourself some of this amazing lube to speed up the process of having sex.

Get lubrication like this one, it’s quick to apply, lasts a long time, doesn’t stain and is condom safe, all things that really matter in a situation like this.


#5. It’s Easier If The Man Sits In The Front Passenger Seat 

If you put the passenger seat all the way back and then the female jumps on top, it’s actually easier that way. You can have a lot of fun and make life easier for yourself.

The back seats are also a lot of fun, if know what you’re doing and go for it.


#6. Make Sure The Hand Break Is On And You’re Not On A Hill 

It’s a good idea to double-check your hand break and put it into gear, it just works the best. I always is a good idea because the last thing you want it to total you or the car while having car sex, quite an amazing way to go, but still best to avoid ;).


#7. Get Some Remote Underwear Warm Yourself Up While Driving

You can get some remote underwear that has a vibrator inside then while the man drives the women can get herself worked up. My favorite underwear vibrator is this one and the remote is easy to use and intense, give it a try to see how much more orgasmic walking around can be.

How To Try Car Sex

How To Try Car Sex

How To Try Car Sex – Are you ready to try car sex? It’s orgasmic, just remember to wear a skirt and have your partner leave their bottoms on, just so everything can be hide quickly, this will stop you getting in trouble. – Sharing is amazing, so be amazing and please share. – Comment below if you want a chat or to add something to this article. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Try Car Sex

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