How To Try Dogging

How To Try Dogging

How To Try Dogging – Are you looking for ways to spice things up in the bedroom? Maybe you want to have multiple partners on the same night, or watch your partner take multiple partners through the night? Well if that’s what you lust for I’m going to teach you how to start dogging. These are my personal tips and these are things that I seriously recommend and it’s how I go dogging and find the people and locations that work well for me. – If you need more advice after reading this tutorial then be sure to comment below. – Sharing is caring, if you enjoy then share. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Try Dogging

#1. Start By Speaking To People On Sex Forums

Find others who’ve experienced it and get as much information about dogging as you possibly can. People are happy to tell you their experiences if you ask nicely. Just keep an open mind and keep this going.

You can also find people who’ll tell you where to do it in your area. It’s not as easy as a lot of couples think, it does take time to get the hang of it and find the best locations to do it.


#2. Then Try Adult Dating Sites

You can then try adult dating sites these are sites where you’re not looking to have a date, you’re actually looking to just hae sex, you can usually find people who’re happy to try a more controlled doggy event, great for women who’re just starting out who don’t know if they’re going to enjoy it.

It’s not for everyone so it’s best to start with group sex and then build yourself up from their.


#3. The Look For Local Dogging Hot Spots In Your Area 

There’s always going to be local doggy areas no matter where you live, you may have to drive 30 minutes but as long as you’ve asked around and know what to look for you’ll have no problem finding one.

Most of the time there are places people go and know about, so what you should do is ask around, take a few drives, use Google and be happy to drive a little for the best locations.


#4. Drive To Them And Wait And See Who’s There

You don’t have to go and get straight into it, you can just go and park your car and see what’s going on, there are loads of people who’ll be getting on with it and depending on what day you do it on you’ll usually see a change in people.

It’s all about being in a good atmosphere, it makes so much difference, as one bad person can ruin it all.


#5. You Can Go Out Looking

Your best bet is to go on a drive tonight and go looking for the places like car parks, woods, slip roads, anywhere with truck drivers, is usually a good spot.


#6. Always Wear Protection And Bring Other Condoms

Most people will bring their own condoms, but if they don’t you should always make sure you have a little supply, because you don’t want to be having unprotected sex while doggy, you’ll catch-all kinds of nasty things. Always stay protected and do things right.


#7. Understand What You Want Before You Go There

Do you want to have sex, masturbate, have people watch you have sex, have a threesome, have a pick what you want to do. There’s no good going there and just having an open mind, you need to have a little of plan of action because it’s otherwise going to be harder to enjoy.


How To Try Dogging – Are you ready to try something like never before? Well this is all you need to know. Just give it a try to see how you feel about it. – Remember to always use protection and I do recommend having a couple you do it with, it’s not something that you want to do alone the first few times. There is some lovely people in the game, but also some complete weirdos, so it’s a good idea to be safe and protective. – Sharing is caring. – Comment below for more advice on dogging. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Try Dogging

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