How to turn a girl on with just your touch.

How to turn a girl on with just your touch.

 How to turn a girl on with just your touch

How to turn a girl on with just your touch. – Boys and girls both have very sensitive areas around their body that will turn them on and make them want sex. We will tell you how and where to touch a girl to make her want you and to turn her on, it’s not hard you’ve just got to be a little passionate and have a little confidence. – Hopefully you’ll enjoy and learn a thing or two. – Hit The share buttons below. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How to turn a girl on with just your touch.


There’s an art to touching all these places and if done well can lead to a woman being very sexual aroused, it’s easy to acheive and not going to take to much learning you just need to focus on the body parts below and do as we say and within no time you’ll be a sex god ready to make all the women scream with pleasure.


The neck is one of the most sensitive parts of a girls body, that can be touched easily without getting undressed or being awkward. All you’ve really got to do is give her a light kiss on her neck and maybe breath lightly over it so she’ll get tingles, this is usually the best way to start getting a girl turned on and usually will end up giving them goose bumps. Another great way to involve the neck is to give her a light shoulder massage and every now and then brush her neck, this will built sensitivity and make her get turned on. – How to turn a girl on with just your touch.


The key to getting a girl in bed and having an orgasm is all down to her thighs, touching these gentle is a great way to build her up and get her ready for penetration sex, you need to learn to stimulate her gently and use just your fingertips to lightly do patterns around her thighs this will start allowing the blood to flow more freely around that area which will then lead her to orgasm. The best way to get her sweet spots is to start just above the knee and work your hand around her thigh building up the tension, lightly getting closer and closer to her vagina but never really touching it. This can be done above clothing and if you’re good it will work every time.

Lower back.

Another really sensitive spot is the lower back, you can hold it when you’re walking, during sex, while you’re getting ready for sex just do some patterns around her lover back, with a massage, you just need to make sure you’re gentle and brush it lightly, this will get her going every time, the lower back really is the gateway to getting her wet and is till pretty safe so you can do it even when you’ve just started going out or seeing each other. – How to turn a girl on with just your touch.


The butt is a place that women love being touched, as long as yu don’t try to go for analyou’ll be find and you’ll have no problem getting her with this technique. Either while having sex just place your hands on her butt and lightly squeeze or while you’re wanking give it a squeeze just try to have a play round with it and find her sweet spot, this shouldn’t take to long and if you’re feeling adventures you could even try a naughty lower back massage that ends at the butt.


Save the best till last, the boobs are a very good place and one a lot of men get wrong, the reason why men always get boobs wrong is because they go for the nipples all the time. The nipple can get very sensitive along with the boob and can just feel irritating to the girl, the best way around this is to start on the out side, lightly touching and caressing then maybe do the patterns again and start moving closer to the nipple, you’ll see by her reaction if she wants it, make sure you take it slow and don’t rush in, you need to learn whether she likes it gentle or firm, all girls are different just either ask or try and see how she reacts. If she’s liking it you can always give them a little kiss and see how far that gets you, just use the same pattern as the hand but either kissing or using your tongue to lightly go round her boob.  – How to turn a girl on with just your touch.


You need to mix it up and remember that every girl is different and likes different pressure and different speeds keep this in mind and just get to work touching her and you’ll not go wrong. Remember to be gentle and try not to rush as the best way to get a girl horny is to take your time and tease her to the max. So be gentle, feel her sweet spots and be ready for a night of fun. Remember you can do most of these above clothing so don’t worry if you’re new to sex or just started going out because these can be used on anyone anytime as long as it’s not the boob one ;). – How to turn a girl on with just your touch.

How to turn a girl on with just your touch.

How to turn a girl on with just your touch.

How to turn a girl on with just your touch. – Even if you try these places on yourself gently it can make you tingle so imagine what it’s like on her with your hand. It’s very orgasmic, remember to keep it passionate and don’t forget for the best results remember to kiss. – If you have a place that sends shivers down your spine put it in the comments below. – Sharing is caring so hit them share buttons. – Mr Male Sex Toy Blog.

How to turn a girl on with just your touch.

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