How To Use Bathmate With Video

How To Use Bathmate With Video

How To Use Bathmate With Video

I’ve seen a lot of people over training with the Bathmate hydro pump and then getting scared to use it. If you’ve ever Googled “Bathmate injuries” or something along them lines you’ll most likely be scared too.

I’m here to stop you from getting a bathmate injury and hopefully prevent men from using Bathmate in the wrong way.  If you want to check out my guide where I teach you about my before and after’s and my motivation to using the Bathmate. Just through that link. Let’s kick this off with the video:

How Long Should You Be Using The Bathmate For

Over training is how injuries form. If you start over training with the Bathmate hydro pump then you may find yourself with water retention, bruising and even swelling. To avoid this you need to know your limits.

If you’ve just got a Bathmate or are just getting a Bathmate then you’ll probably want to pump for around 12 minutes each session, with 2 re pumps. Do this for the first 2 weeks and see how your penis gets on.

Some people can take longer than others, but to avoid you getting any future problems I highly recommend a teething process to work out what you can take. For the first 5 weeks I tried to stick to 2x 7 minutes 5 – 6 times per week.

How To Use Bathmate With Video

Warming Up Before Pumping

While learning how to use Bathmate products you’ll want to try warming up, just like you’d warm up your arms before lifting weights, the same applies to your penis.

Warming up is simple, just try to relax your penis with hot water, have a hot bath or hot shower and make your penis relaxed before you start pumping. As soon as you’re relaxed try doing some light stretches using the ‘OK’ grip, nothing over the top, repeat this for 30 seconds to 1 minute and you’ll be ready to start using the Bathmate.

It’s a good idea to re-pump every 6 to 8 minutes, this will ensure that the water inside the pump remains hot and the suction remains strong. This will help avoid injuries while at the same time helping you get a bigger penis.



Having Bathmate Rest Days 

Rest days are the key to maintaining a healthy penis. You need to be in it for the long run, rushing should never be on your agenda while trying to add size and strength to your erect penis.

When you first start pumping I highly recommend you start with the “One day on, one day off” method. This will insure that you’ve got enough rest between each pump.

I usually only recommend doing this for 2 weeks, after that try doing 5 days per week, just while you’re getting use to the hydro pump. After a month or two you can then try 6 days per week, but make sure you don’t over do it.



How To Use Bathmate In The Shower

The common way to use a Bathmate is in the shower. I prefer the bath, but the shower is a lot easier and quicker.

All you need to do is get the shower nice and hot, then just jump in and do the “Warm up”, grab your bathmate and fill with water, insert your penis, try to get one nice big pump to gain suction and let out the unwanted water.

You’ll get better at pumping the water out as you use the Bathmate more. You want to try to avoid any air being in the pump, so make sure you fill the water properly.

That’s all you need to do, it’s pretty simple and if you get the shower strap then you can continue washing your body while the pump stays in place.

How To Use Bathmate With Video

How To Use Bathmate In The Bath

My favourite, also the easiest place. If you’re new to using Bathmate Hydro Pumps then I recommend you use it in the bath for the first 3 weeks (if possible).

Run bath, make it a nice hot temperature, get in the bath and do a quick “Warm up” (Warm up is a lot easier in the bath, You can just lay there for 5 minutes), fill the Bathmate and insert your penis, make sure the pump has a tight seal with your body and start pumping.

Then just re-pump after 6 to 8 minutes.


How To Use Bathmate In Your Room

I use my Bathmate around the house when nobodies in. It’s simple and there’s 2 ways to do it.

1# You have a quick shower and apply the bathmate to your penis, then get the Bathmate shower strap and leave the shower. You can walk around while it pumps and just return to the shower when times up.

2# Get a bucket of hot water in your room, put a towel under it, fill the Bathmate and then pump. Just squirt the water into the bucket and you’ll be able to watch TV or play video games while using the bathmate.



Pubic Hair

I recommend that you shave your pubic hair. So many people get the Bathmate and then can’t get the perfect suction, if you want to get great suction then I highly recommend shaving your pubic hair, it will make the Bathmate gain a stronger seal and it will help you get a bigger penis.

This isn’t necessary, but something I do for the best results.


Avoid Over Training

Set a timer. Sounds silly, but people forget how long the pump has been on for and end up over pumping. Get a waterproof timer or set two alarms on your phone, one for the first 7 minutes and then another for the end.

Over training can lead to a lot of problems and under training will lower results, so make sure you keep an eye on the time and don’t get too carried away. – This is how to use a bathmate, if you’ve got any questions comments are below.



Best Bathmate For The Job

Here’s my recommendations for the people who haven’t brought a Bathmate yet. If you want the best results then just get one of these Bathmate Hydromax Pumps.


Beginners Pump: Hydromax x30/40

How To AHow To Use Bathmatevoid A Bathmate Injury

When I was training I used the Hydromax x30 and it’s an amazing pump, it does exactly what I needed and you will get a bigger penis using it.

It comes at an amazing price that you’ll not be able to beat and it’s easy to use and 100% safe.

If you’re just starting the Bathmate journey then I’d recommend you get the Hydromax x30/x40 you’ll not regret it.

Best Price Click Here


Best Pump: Hydromax Extreme x30/40

How To Use Bathmate

The Extreme is the most advanced Hydropump you can buy. If you’re looking to get a hydro pump that will last a long time and give you the gains you’ve dreamed of the Extreme is what you’re going to want.

I’ve seen a lot of pumps and not one of them works as well as the Bathmate Hydromax Extreme, so if you’ve got the cash and want to get the best then the Extreme is always going to be the right one to choose.

Best Price Click Here

How To Use Bathmate With Video

How To Use Bathmate With Video

How To Use Bathmate With Video – You know know how to use a Bathmate the proper way. This will help you avoid problems in the future and will also help you get a bigger penis. Just putting this information to good use will seriously help you out. – I’ve done loads more articles on Bathmate products so be sure to check them out. – Sharing is caring so if you want to help share this article that would be amazing. – If you’ve got any questions at all about Bathmate just leave them in the comments below. I’ll help you out. – Mr Male Sex Toys

How To Use Bathmate With Video

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