How to use delay spray

How to use delay spray

How to use delay spray.




How to use delay spray. – If you’re reading this then you want some advice about how to use delay spray and maybe the best way to use it without killing your erection. This is the prefect post. Today we will talk about how to use it and little tips for extra play and to make life easier. Before this starts you might want to check this post out. Does Delay Spray Work. – Mr Male Sex toys.

How to use delay spray

What type of delay spray have you got:

Okay the reason why this is here is because they all will have different times to put it on and different dosses. Usually it will say about 20 to 30 minutes before sexual intercourse but just get the bottle and have check. – How to use delay spray.

How to use delay spray.

Step 1.

Get your spray and clean your penis, dry it off and wait a minute or two so it’s completely dry. Then give yourself 1 to 3 sprays depending on the delay spray. Usually you’ll want to try it on your own first.

Step 2.

Wait the time, so if it’s 10 minutes wait 15, if it’s 20 wait 25 and so on. The longer you have it on the more effective it gets, as long as it’s not over 40 minutes.

Step 3.

You’ll be feeling maybe a little tingle or light numbness, this is all normal and part of the process to lasting longer in bed.

Step 4. 

Have sex. now ones you’re having sex there’s some things you need to know.


This spray will keep working better each time you use it as you’ll get more confidence and be more able to do it without thinking.


Don’t decide you’re about to cum and spray more on as it can affect your erection.


This is the big one. It will also make it harder for her to orgasm, not as much as it will make you but it will so bare in mind that wearing a condom will make it have even more effect.

How to use delay spray for maximum results:

If you want to last longer in bed and make your partner climax multiple times then this is the best way to do it.

Delay spray you need:

Sliquid Ride Rock Super Strength Delay Spray 33ml

Super Strength Delay Spray 33ml Review

This one is very easy to apply and mr male sex toys favourite. – How to use delay spray.

Price: $12.99.

Link To Buy The: Sliquid Ride Rock Super Strength Delay Spray 33ml

What else you need:


Just pick up a pack of condoms. The reason is so you can spray it on yourself and one spray in the condom and then it won’t effect your partners climax. – How to use delay spray.

Vibrating cock ring.

This will allow to have the most intense orgasm of all time as it will stimulate her clitoris while you’re inside of her. Click here for Best Vibrating cock rings.

Water-based lube.

It won’t hurt picking up some water-based lube to keep the fun going for longer and making the sex more slippy and fun. You can even spice it up with flavored lube.

China Brush Delay Solution 3ml review

Last Tip:

Try the delay spray alone the first time just so you can test how much you need and see if it’s to much the amount they ask you to apply. So just a night before have some fun alone with delay spray. How to use delay spray.

How to use delay spray

How to use delay spray

If you follow all that and remember not to use to much delay spray then you’ll be just fine and sex will get even better and be the best it’s ever been.

How to use delay spray. – Easy enough to use and something all men should have as their secret weapon. Just follow them instructions and you’ll be using delay spray in no time and having amazing results. Are you ready to last longer in bed? Well now you can and will be a guy the girl talks about the next day. – If you want more advice just check out our blog. – Mr Male Sex Toys

How to use delay spray. 

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