How To Woo A Girl Into A Date

How To Woo A Girl Into A Date

How To Woo A Girl Into A Date – One of the best ways to get a date with a girl that I know is by wooing her. This is when you meet someone and give all you’ve got to get them to remember you. It’s definitely one of the arts to dating and can really speed up the process of getting a girl. So, I’m going to show you exactly what you need to do to be amazing and completely woo her to the point where she will agree to what ever you say. This does involve you being a gentleman and you will need to be prepared and a little confident just so you can pull this off with complete style. – Sharing is caring, so be sure to share as much as possible. – Comments are always welcome, so feel free to comment and say hi or ask for some more advice. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Woo A Girl Into A Date


#1. Be Subtle, Honesty Is The Key

I never pretend to have any other motive than getting a date from a girl. If you do then you’ll very quickly see yourself heading towards that friend-zone with no chance to break.

I just gauge the water and see what she’s into and give her more of that. A lot of men make the mistake of saying they’re not interested in the women, now this could be a trick or a way to lower her guard, either way it only works if you’re well with the art of pick up.

Normal guys very rarely do this correctly and for that reason you should avoid doing it. Just be honest to a certain extent and have fun.


#2. Give Up 

One of the best bits of advice I got was from Tyler at RSD and he basically said if you’re really into a girl go and have sex with 8 girls, by the time you do that you’ll have either decided you want a hotter girl or you’ll have the skills and confidence to woo her into dating you.

The reason why I say do this is because women hate a needy man, so if you’ve decided that she’s the only girl you want in this world, she has all the control and that automatically makes you almost worthless.


#3. Play It Cool, Take Your Time Don’t Try To Rush Her

If I’m talking to a girl at the bar and I’m trying to get her to make a move, I actually tell her “Wait one minute” and randomly go up to another girl and start talking.

You may thing “What a douche”? Guess what? It works. You’ll instantly see her get a little jealous and she’ll either come back other to you, or when you go back to her she’ll be so much more eager to close you.

It ages that extra competition that women love and if you’re clever you can use this to meet loads of women and get loads of girls.


#4. Don’t Mess Her Around Too Much

If you’ve researched pick up and been on the street trying what you learnt you’ll know that messing around a girl is the easiest way to get her to fall for you, this logic doesn’t work with all women, but in majority the ones who seek approval will go crazy for this. Now as good as this is for sleeping with a women, it’s never going to make a wife.

You need to mess around women you actually see being your future wife as little as possible. This stops you getting into a cycle where you’ve got to keep messing them around in order to keep them interested.

#5. Be Mysterious (It’s Easier Than You Think)

Don’t lay yourself directly on the table, women do enjoy it, but it won’t get you a date. If you’ve just been in a break up, keep that s**t out of the convo, if your friends being a douche, keep that out of the convo.

Stuff like this just kills your look. I usually find you’re actually better off talking about your interests. For example, when you’re really passionate about a certain topic, maybe it’s a book, a band, a way of life, where ever your passion lays.

This conversation topic will expel a lot of energy making it easy for her get excited for you.


#6. Be Romantic Without Kissing Her Ass

If you’re trying to woo a girl then it never hurts being romantic. I always say there’s a thin line between ass kisser and someone who’s romantic.

I usually find that it’s a mind frame, if you think she’s better than you then you’ll come across as an ass kisser, as if you’re happy with yourself and understand that it’s your world and she’s just as lucky to speak to you as you are to speak to her.

So, romantic is asking her for a nice meal. Then ordering a nice bottle of wine (if you drink) like you know what you’re doing.

Then pick up the bill and make sure she gets home safe. These are all really romantic things you can try out.


#7. Meet Her In Real Life, Stay Off Social Media

It’s easy to meet women in real life and social media is great for getting close to women once you’ve closed in real life, but other than that social media is a little bit of a nightmare.

So, while you’re trying to close I recommend you stay off it.


#8. Quick Interactions (Always Say Bye First)

I always like to be the first to say hi and the first to say bye. I know I can boost someones energy by just saying hi and being really hyper for that 10 minutes of conversation, then I like to leave on the biggest high, when the convo is at its peak. This drives women crazy.


#9. Don’t Play Games, Acually…

People often say games are s**t and that they’re sick of the games!!! This is untrue and I find as soon as the games stop, people actually get board.

You need to stop the games, but make sure you keep them hot on their hills. It’s not going to hurt if you’ve got a few girly friends and women find you attractive. This is just a good way to keep your relationship hot and consistent, if you ever drop this then she’ll have complete control and you’ll be needy again.


#10. Don’t Over Think

You mind is your worst nightmare, start going out and just talk to every women you walk past, even couples and men.

Try walking past someone and saying “Nice t-shirt dude” then just continue walking. This gets you socially able and stops you getting nerves and worries about nothing.

How To Woo A Girl Into A Date

How To Woo A Girl Into A Date

How To Woo A Girl Into A Date – You just need to give it everything you’ve got, women react seriously well to being put in the center of it all. So, what I recommend is for you to just go for it. The benefit to this method is that even if it goes wrong you’re still left looking awesome. – Sharing is caring, so be sure to share as much as possible – Also comment if you’ve got anything to say/add to this article. – Mr Male Sex Toys Blog.

How To Woo A Girl Into A Date

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