Ice Lady Crystal Fleshlight Review

Ice Lady Crystal Fleshlight Review

Ice Lady Crystal Fleshlight Review.

Ice Lady Crystal Fleshlight Review – We are looking at the great Ice Lady Fleshlight and we will tell you everything you need to know about this fleshlight. This is a full review and we will go over the good and bad of this toy and tell you if you should get it. We sent it to Jake to review it has he is our new fleshlight expert! – Mr Fleshlight

Ice Lady Crystal Fleshlight Review

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 Product Description:

Want to take masturbating to the next level? Well with the Ice Lady you can! The Ice Lady crystal fleshlight has the best textured sleeve with nodules ridges, bumps and spirals that promise to leave you full satisfied and to deliver an amazing orgasm.
With its SuperSkin material there’s no wonder why everyone loves the Ice Lady so much. The Ice Lady has a guarantee to change your masturbation and sex play come and order yours now. – Free Shipping – Best price. See the action as it happens and feel the intenseness for the Ice Lady Crystal fleshlight. – Ice Lady Crystal Fleshlight Review.

Ice Lady Crystal Fleshlight Review

My Opinion:

Buy one! My new favourite fleshlight! I recently got given the Ice Lady Crystal Fleshlight and was very happy to try it. I have had a few fleshlights but this was my first fleshlight I brought being with a new partner.
I was nervous to tell them as didn’t know how they’d react to it I will get to that in a second though. First reactions were good got the box opened it up got it ready to use. Lube, washed it with warm water etc. And started playing with it. At first I was nervous and didn’t know if I’d like the visibility its a little more open than a lot of toys I’ve had
so was curious how it would feel and if I would enjoy it. So I started and wow!!! This is going to sound weird but it’s quite hot seeing yourself penetrate this and really adds something to the whole experience! I guess I never thought about what it would all look like but my god it’s sex and is all round great. The cleaning was a bit of a pain after using it but really worth it and dries very quick.
The orgasms I reserved from using this was very intense and only matched buy my Nexus Revo 2. Which I went on to use together and was left feeling the most intense and crazy orgasm ever. Any that’s another story. So as I was saying at the beginning about my partner II told her about it and she wasn’t too happy, she saw it has replacing her or she wasn’t good enough! Sometimes people look into stuff way to much. Haha.
But anyway I talked her into using it on me and it was a big reason to buy this now. Girls love seeing it all :O I was shocked how much she enjoyed it and looking at other reviews everyone say’s the same! She said there’s something so hot to seeing this and it’s something I always wanted to see in sex but can’t so now this is my go to toy and has got me loads of regular sex so I’m a big fan! (also changed porn watching for me! But shh about that ;))

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Ice Lady Crystal Fleshlight Review

The Good:

– Feels great.
The feeling is second to none and made me feel great. You can really use it so many ways it really spices up them wanks.

– One of the best orgasms.
This mixed with the nexus revo gave me they most intense orgasm ever! Even on its own it’s in my top 3 which is so great to find a toy like that.

– Partner loves it.

Has changed my partners look on fleshlights and now she uses it on my most sex sessions to warm me and her up.

– Design and being see through.

One of the best things about it. It’s easy to hide and the see-through takes things to a new level.

– Textures.
It’s a great texture and feel all the way inside that’s one of the main reasons it feels so good.

– Quality and build.

Great quality I have used it every day for a month and it’s still has good as new.

Ice Lady Crystal Fleshlight Review

The Bad:

– Cleaning.
It’s really easy to clean and only takes a few moments! To be honest cleaning fleshlights is always annoying for me.

– Can put you off at the beginning with see-thoroughness.
Even though it’s now amazing at first you will be a little nervous but hold through its so worth it.


Only: $89.99

Where to buy:

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Ice Lady Crystal Fleshlight Review


Get the Ice Lady Crystal Fleshlight  now. That’s all there is to be said. It’s a great toy that spices up sex and masturbation and will leave you feeling great. It changed porn watching and made it even better and also made me get more regular handjobs and sex.
Its a great toy whether you have a partner or not and will keep you oon top of things and I’m sure you’ll never look back once getting it. The result was mind-blowing and took me back to the days where I found wanking. It’s like it’s a whole new thing again.
Mr fleshlight does free shipping on this fleshlight they told me and it’s an amazing price so really advice getting it and trying it on yourself. Tell me if you agree in the comments! I bet you do, haha. 10 out of 10! The Sexual Happiness People

That was the Ice Lady Crystal Fleshlight Review. We hope it helped you make a decision and hopefully pick one of our great fleshlights! If you need any help or have a questions just comment below. Also please share it really helps our site grow and it’s such a nice thing for you to do. Thanks Mr Fleshlight

Ice Lady Crystal Fleshlight Review.

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