Icicles No 26 Large Glass Butt Plug Review

Icicles No 26 Large Glass Butt Plug Review

Icicles No 26 Large Glass Butt Plug Review

I’ve been waiting to get my hands on this toy for a while now! I have been enjoying butt plugs the past few weeks and really getting back into the butt plug routine of using them every time I masturbate. It does take a while to know how to pick a great butt plug but in honesty this really is one to look out for. I will tell you my full opinion on the sex toy just after the product description, hopefully you’ll enjoy and if you need to know anything more about this sex toy then just comment below. – Mr Male Sex Toy Reviews.

Icicles No 26 Large Glass Butt Plug Review

Product description for the Icicles No 26 Large Glass Butt Plug:

This stunning butt plug will give you the stimulation you need to reach new heights. Hand blown glass and boasted a graduating, bulbous shape and tapered tip, this will give you great stimulation and change the way you look and think about anal sex toys.

Ideal for intermediate anal play and ready for anything, this butt plug also allow a great way to get the threesome feel, so if you’ve got a partner (female) and they want to see what it’s like to have a threesome this is always the best way.

The length is 4.75 inches, insertable length is 4.5 inches and then you’ve got the circumference 4.75 inches. As we said that’s the perfect size for intermediates looking to add a little spice to their butt plug collection.

As it’s built with glass you’ll also be able to enjoy temperature play, cool it down or heat it up and make the pleasure different every time you use it.

You’ll also see how far lube goes when you use a glass sex toy, brilliant for keeping the mess low and the stimulation high.

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Icicles No 26 Large Glass Butt Plug Review

My Opinion of the Icicles No 26 Large Glass Butt Plug:

 Think this might be my new favourite butt plug. As I said   above I’ve been using butt plugs for a while now and really started to get back into them.

I had a look at this butt plug and I just had to try it, it’s glass, a perfect size, and looks very sexy, I got it and within a few days it was here ready for me to review.

First impressions, the packaging was nice nothing to fancy and there was only one downside, that was there’s no satin bag to keep it safe, no problem for me as I’ve got about 5.

Had a look at the size, it’s ideal. Not to big and not to small, I’ve had a few big butt plugs and it feels to filling, with this it’s just the best way to feel the pleasure all time without a worry.

The butt plug is for everyday use and while using it I found it was great for temperature play and stimulation, it reached my body temperature really quickly and had my thighs feeling like they were of sexual fire.

Something that’s a must try, also once you get that lube on, it turns into a really slippy and fun to use toy, brilliant for easy insertion.

I used it on my other half too, she found it extremely enjoyable and we’ve now got one each.

I like this toy as I can just leave it in while I walk round the house having fun. So if you’re looking for an everyday glass butt plug, and want something that’s strong and won’t be going anywhere, this is the one for you. – This is the Icicles No 26 Large Glass Butt Plug Review, hope you’re enjoying.

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Icicles No 26 Large Glass Butt Plug Review

The Good


Glass sex toys always have a great weight that makes it feel even better while it’s inside.


The perfect size for beginner/intermediates. This is the kind of toy you buy when you only want to have one great butt plug.


This is safe for both men and women and feels pleasure able for both, get one each and enjoy the pleasure even more.


I can’t tell you enough about how orgasmic this butt plug is, it just feels amazing.


The way it changes temperature to my body is very sexy and makes it feel even better when it’s inside, I always get shocked at a just how hot it gets.


It’s the perfect change that I needed, it made butt plugs feel new again and is ideal.

The Bad

No satin bag.

I would have liked to have seen a little carry bag come with this toy, I have loads but for someone who doesn’t it may have been annoying.


If you’re looking for a new toy that will blow you away, this may be it. Take a look and see if you agree with me, I found this butt plug to be very enjoyable and absolutely great in more than one or two ways, the size, weight and design are all aspects that I loved and I really can’t wait to try it in even more sexual acts. If you’re looking for a great all round butt plug, that’s made from glass, really look no further.

Icicles No 26 Large Glass Butt Plug Review

Where to buy: Icicles No 26 Large Glass Butt Plug

Price: $43.99

Icicles No 26 Large Glass Butt Plug Review – This really didn’t surprise me! When I saw this butt plug I knew it would be fun and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it, it really does feel good when you get a sex toy that works and feels great. I sometimes forget the difference between a fun sex toy and one that really does feel amazing every use. – Remember to hit the share buttons as they will make you feel sexy. – Mr Male Sex Toy Reviews.

Icicles No 26 Large Glass Butt Plug Review

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